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"Cling-ons" on bushy tails

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This site is so informative and I've learned so much but what I have discovered, it is a place to just have fun, sharing
"kitty" stories, knowing that others understand. OK...my story for today. A short time ago there was the whole "flinging poops" thread, quite funny, no, hilarious, and I even wrote about poop sticking to my beautiful Wallace's tail. Well, this is a similar subject but more specific.....pardon the description, but there is no other way...sticky poop on my very bushy tailed kitty, Wallace. I'm really just sharing a funny story here, folks. Today, at lunch, I smell this smell....well I just noticed, and I'm sure it had been at least an hour or two since our kitty went to his litter box so he's been all over the house already, "sharing....," anyway, the smell I noticed was caused by, as you have probably guessed, sticky poop on bushy tail....mmmmmmmm. So of course, one must get it off....not as easy as I thought. Hard ones can be picked off or combed out I've learned. Not so with "sticky" ones. So I get a kitty wipe...mmmmm, made matters worse. I ponder and try combing....nope, did't work. In the meantime, Wallace swishes that tail, moves, trys to get away...he is an extremely gentle cat so he's actually a good sport about it all. Well what to do. Finally, I decided to cut them off. To make the story short, I learned to give my wiggly, swishing tailed kitty a nice "butt" haircut!!! :-) He ate and I cut between swishes. So there ya have it, my story for today. I'm sure those of you with long haired cats can relate, at least I think. I've only had this kitty for 3 months but today's episode was new for me. Count me experienced in long haired cat butts now. Hope you enjoy the story! :-)
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Wow you have joined us in the hallowed halls of the care takers of litter box butt!! Congrats!!

Even though my Loki is a short hair, my mom's girl Piper is a Somali and I get to do the trimming of the butt hairs. I do hate so trimming her lovely bloomers but .......Litter box butt phewwwww!!!
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Although Rosie is a short hair, she's very fluffy on her tummy and up her back end, and for the first time a couple of months ago she had 3 little 'cling ons'. I could'nt get them off with a baby wipe so ended up cutting them off.

I had to, because the thought of her licking them off?!, uuuuuuurgh.

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When Buddy had the runs, I had to bathe him and clip his butt. I was on the verge of shaving him, from the base of his tail, to his ankles but, we cured the bowel problem and Buddy has stayed clean, ever since.
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