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Black holes for ears

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Hey everyone! I just wondered over here from the behavior section. Maybe someone can tell me something... I have had cats me hole life but never have seen this. I have 2 (As my name states) kittens. They are 4months old and seem realtivly healthy. But there ears are VERY dirty. Not even dirty. Almost as if they have some weird ear infection. I clean there ears out all the time. I used damp Q-Tips so it doesn't hurt.And I NEVER go deep into the ear. What ever this is it itches them really bad. Has anyone had something similar to this with there babies? Let me know. Thanx!
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Hi Mamaof2,
Your cats might have ear mites, which left untreated may lead to secondary ear infections & even to deafness..The symptoms are brown, grinded coffee like dirts coming out of their ears & scratching around ears & head and sometimes tilting of the head..You should take them to a vet asap. The vet takes a swab of this dirt from the ears & looks under a microspcope to see if there are any ear mites..If there are, the vet will give you an ear drop...

Hope this helps
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Check out this article about earmites:


You really should have your vet take a look...
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I agree with everyone else sounds like earmites. Please take you kittens to the vet if you can.
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