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Well, here he is! This is the little guy I thought I'd take care of while the previous owner's renovating his house. It turns out he is here to stay (not wanted back). He is 7 years old and I am potty training him. The girls are still figuring him out.
I am still thinking of a way to incorporate him in my sig without going over the max requirements.
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Awwww how cute is he!!. How can anyone not want him back?.

Glad you've taken him in though.

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Oh gosh! He is soooo cute!!! I love that tongue!
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I hope the Girls have a lot of fun with Jello!!
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I added Jello's picture to the other images in your sig.

Feel free to use it if you like it!

If you want it to be a little bigger or smaller, PM me with your email and I'll send you the original
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OMG Jello is so cute! Glad you have him now.
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Jello is adorable!!!!!

How coundn't anyone not want to have him back??

It was very nice of you to take him to your home and keep him.
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What an adorable eager friendly face! Yeah! How could someone not want him back? Well, glad you were able to take him, and he'll be much better off with you.
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That was very nice of you to add Jello into your family. He's such a cutie! Haha! Hopefully your girls will get along with him.
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Jello is a sweetie! Hope he settles into your family well and soon, and best wishes with the potty training!
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what a cutie pie!!!! Glad you get to keep him!!
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