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my cat is barely eating and barely drinking she will go to the bathroom for a few seconds then for 5 minutes and it's like almost a green color she purrs and sleeps alot now but gets hissy if her hind end is touched
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She needs to go to a vet! Right now!
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This is a serious health issue. Your cat needs to be seen by a vet ASAP. If your vet office is closed for the day, call anyways and there should be an after hours voicemail message that will tell you who to call for emergencies. If there is no voicemail message, call every vet office in your area. You can also search for a local vet ER here:


If you  need help with the vet bill, see this:

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Please take your cat to a Vet.. now! 

An ER- Vet if no one else is available.. this is an emergency...

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