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stupid photo ID picture..

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OK so i put this off til the last possible moment being that my liscense expires at the end of feb, so I kind of have to go in the morning.. I kept waiting for a good hair day or a clear skin day which of course NEVER CAME. My last 3 ID's have been horrible horrible horrible and this one will probably be the worst. Why can't they just make high tech thumbprint scanning devices or something? Ugh just a rant. Stupid photo id. I'd scan the pix but I'm embarrassed plus I don't know with this new hooey hologram system if it would even come out right, but trust me, they ain't no good.
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Anna, I'm sure it will turn out great.
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I know what you mean!, so for the same reason, instead of having my passport photograph taken in one of those booths that make you look like a criminal!, i had mine taken at a photographers, and what a difference!!

If its as bad as what you say it is, just tell people you were hung over!!
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Everytime I have to have my picture taken for ID cards like driver's liscence, passport, etc. I am told not to smile. So I come out like I just woke up or someone died in the family or I am a candidate for a 'wanted' poster.
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annabelle33, I'm sure your photo ID will be ok, and at least yours will be on your driver's license. At work, we have to wear photo ID name badges.
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I usually hate those pics, too. When I went to Raytown, MO to get my driver's license, there were women with a digital camera, and they took several until they got a good one. NC was not so kind. This one looks like I just got puilled out of the drunk tank to get my mug shot taken.
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I always say that my drivers license photo is my on a bad day - cause if the police pulled me over, that is what it will be - a bad day. If I look good, they'd never recognize me!
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Don't worry, everyobody appears like a sack of potatoes in those photos. I am obviously too young for Driver's license or Electoral roll, but in my passport photo I look horrible! I wear eyeglasses, and the photographer insisted in my taking off my eyeglasses, since the folks of the passport office don't like eyeglasses, as the flash bounces off the glass.

Not only that, but I had a bad hair day, as I had accidentally used my mom's voluminizer, instead of the dandruff shampoo!

You can imagine how I look in my passport.
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You should see my nanas passport, it's so funny she's a tanned lady but she looks white as ghost! I'm only ten in mine and look redicoulous(sp?)

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It always seems to go that way. My last two passport photos have been real "mug shots", and the photo on my public transit ID makes me look like a corpse (seriously). On the other hand, one of the best pictures ever taken of me was for a driver's license.
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Don't fret over it too much Anna. You'll look fine.

Although at times they do kinda make some people look goofy (like mine) but my brothers looks great (go figure).
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I've seen your pic, and think you look fantastic, so can't imagine that those DMVers could screw it up too bad.

I know exactly what you mean though, my last DMV pic actually looked decent, and I looked the same as in the pic, but nope, I had to take a new one. I hate this new one. And I'm stuck with it for another 5 years. Sigh.
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Mine always make me look like a junkie old hag. Last one I had taken was on a dark background and you can see a piece of my hair standing straight up. Good thing is, the only people that ever see mine are the ones that have those annoying red and blue flashing lights on their car and are pulling me over so they arent too interested in my picture.
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well it certainly is interesting.. they let me do it 4 times then i had to choose. I tried to do a sexy pout for one and OMG it was soo funny. In another one of my eyes was half closed. I finally chose one where I was sort of laughing but at least I didn't look too ridiculous. Oh well. In 4 years I can get another.
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You can always claim you lost it or it broke, but youd have to pay for another and bring along an extra arm to prove you are who you say you are.
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Originally posted by annabelle33
well it certainly is interesting.. they let me do it 4 times then i had to choose. I tried to do a sexy pout for one and OMG it was soo funny. In another one of my eyes was half closed. I finally chose one where I was sort of laughing but at least I didn't look too ridiculous. Oh well. In 4 years I can get another.
Well, I'm not convinced the one you picked would look so horrible. Too bad you can't show us the sexy-pout-photo either.
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Especially hate it when they don't even tell you when they're going to take the picture. They just tell you to stare at some object or something, then all of a sudden they take it. At least I don't have to renew mine until 2006. Hehehe! Well I'm sure this time your picture will turn out fine.
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My driver's license is good until 2022 and I was 44, when the picture was taken. Therefore, when it expires at 65, the DL pic will be gorgeous, in comparison.

I don't know why they put women's hair color on the DL. Mine (and many others) is subject to change, on a whim. They insisted that I should put down the color, at the time of the picture. I was very blond, at that time. Now, I'm golden red and, next week - who knows?
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In my job description as a Pharmacy Assistant it is required that I take ID Photos whether they be for licences, passports or other forms of identification.

I tell the person when I am going to take it so that they are ready. If the person blinks, I simply take another one as identification in Australia requires the colour of the eyes to be visible.

The part about not smiling is to ease identification purposes. The aim is to have a natural composure on your face. In Canada it is actually legislation that requires passport photos to have no emotional expression. In Australia, as far as I know it is simply regulation.

If you do normally wear glasses, then it is a requirement for your photograph in Australia that you wear your glasses. Just because the flash of the camera bounces off them is not a reason to exclude them from the photo. The camera simply needs to be adjusted accordingly. I don't even have the privilege of working a digital camera, so I have to get it right the first time.

Though there are people out there who just shouldn't take ID photographs. I've told one particular woman how to do her job correctly and told her to re-take the photo. I wasn't ready and I was sure that I blinked and I was not going to have that on my driver's licence as an ID photo. It was all digital so when the manager came out to see what was the matter, it was plain to see that I was correct. There wasn't even ayone else in the post office at the time.
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I must admit that my last photo ID looks good for my drivers license. Maybe it was because I had just got back from my honeymoon Most of the time my picture would make a freight train take a dirt road it's so bad.
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