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I feel so weird!

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I just received news from someone that I used to work with, a girl that I used to be quite close to - one of the sweetest and kindest girls in the world (when it looked like I was being retrenched, she put a rose and a note on my desk to say that she was thinking about me), died last month! She had an aneurism. She was only 26! Out shopping with her husband and fainted. They rushed her to hospital and she was declared dead on arrival. They only found out that it was an aneurism when they did an autopsy.

I feel so strange about this. She was so young. I am not that much older than her. I suppose it just makes you think about the fragility of life and also the uncertainty.

It is very very sad.

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That's so sad, how young and how tragic.

I'm so sorry. My feelings are with her thoughts and family and all those that knew her.

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Oh im so sorry to hear this about your friend. A girl i worked with 'nearly' died with the same two years ago, but was caught just in time, she was only 31.

After i lost a friend with to breast cancer at only 33, it made me realise from that day how life is so precious, and to never take it for granted.

I can imagine how you feel right now, because i was the same when my friend died, your in shock yourself with losing someone who has not only been close to you, but was such a young age.

I hope the numbness of this goes away soon for you
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That is so sad, and horrible
You and your friend are in my thoughts and prayers

And as Susan said, hope you recover soon
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I hear about this alot.. anurisms' in young people.. out of nowhere, and nothing they can do. It's very very scary. I'm sorry. ((( )))
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Sorry. It's always sad to hear when someone dies so young, for whatever reason, though a bit of a consolation when it's something fast, like an aneurism, and not a disease where somebody languishes for ages while experiencing a lot of pain. It really makes you want to live for today, doesn't it?
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I'm sorry to hear about your dear friend dying so young.

Sending condolences to you and her husband.
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I can imagine what a shock it was. Dying so young and so suddenly is so abrupt, and really does make you take stock of your own life. We have had several friends pass over the years very young, and it's heartbreaking every time. Last Friday we attended a memorial for our friends' baby. No matter what age, there is such a great sense of loss and devastation.
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My condolences to you and everyone close to your friend. It's always
bad when someone passes on, but this girl was so very young!I am so
sorry for the loss.--persia
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Wow... I'm just speechless. To die at such a young age, that's horrible. Makes me think twice about really taking care of myself. Well my prayers go to you and your friends family.
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Yes, it is very weird and makes you think about how fragile life is. Several years ago, at my old school, I was on my break waiting to see the principal about something. One of our paraprofessionals (teacher's aide) was in front of me waiting too, and she had an aneurism and collapsed right there in front of me! It was quite shocking, and there was nothing that could be done for her.
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Thanks guys.

It is very tragic.
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