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My pregnant cat

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Hi. I am an owner of a pregnant cat. The cat adopted us and we were suppose to have her spayed but always put it off because it was pretty expensive. We do although keep her current on all her shots. Until we could afford to spay her we decided to keep as a house cat. NO OUTDOORS!!!! A while back we had company and while they were leaving she accidentally got out. Well needless to say now she expecting kittens. She has been acting weird lately walking around in the upstairs of our home. I assume she is trying to make a nesting spot to have her kittens. What I am worried about is that she does not seem to find a good spot. One day she tried to stay behind our bedroom dresser which is right near a cold window and hardly any room. Should I just let her be? Another thing that happened was today,I saw a small blood stain by her feeding dishes in the kitchen. I assumed it was coming from her vagina because when she sits to eat her vagina rest on the floor. Later today she was lying on her pillow and I saw another spot. I turned her around and saw a few dripplets of blood coming from her vagina. I something bloody pertruding from her vagina and then she just licked it and now it is gone. I have checked her again and I do not see the blood. She is pretty furry so it is hard to get a good look. I saw a few black specks on her nipples. Could that be fleas? If so, how do I get rid of them? Contact Vet? Sorry to so overwhelming but I am so nervous about everything that is happening. Help!!!!!
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I advise you to bring her to the vet to solve any problems of her pregnancy.
As for the black specks on her nipples, have you tried brushing them off to see what they are? Flea eggs look like dirt particles but fleas itself crawl and hide in the fur. Anyway, this can also be cleared up at the vet. Good luck!
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This link has some advice on pregnant cats. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...t=pregnant+cat

Hopefully, a moderator will see this soon and move it to the Health and Nutrition forum for you.
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I'm no expert, but...it sounds like she could be in labor..
How long has she been pregnant?

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That's the exact thing I was thinking.... but then again, I have no experience with a cat in labor either.
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Thanks everyone for getting back to me so quickly!! First thing I did in the morning was I called the vet. She said most likely the cat is going through labor. She said to me that I have nothing to worry about. My cat was up all night lastnight. She has managed to make a hole in the lining of my mattress. She is really trying hard to find a nesting area. I stuck a small towel in the hole so that she would not go in there because it is not a safe place to have her kittens. Today I have not noticed anymore bleeding. She has been whining a bit and I read that cats do this when they are in labor. It's funny because she is "always" near me. It's almost like she wants me to comfort and help her. It's like she is trying to tell me something. It's amazing! I have been stroking her and telling her that it will be alright. I also have been brushing her lightly with her favorite brush. That seemed to soothe her. Today my four year old daughter was playing in her play room and while I was in the bathroom the cat managed to give her a little nick on her hand. My cat has "never" done that to my daughter so now I know she is really in her first stage of labor. The poor cat looks so tired! I explained to my daughter that the cat cannot be bothered because she is nervous and she is just trying to protect her babies. My daughter understood and she told me that she was not going to approach the cat anymore until she has her kittens. I told her that the cat just does not want to be touch and that she still loves her. I think my daughter was very startled when the cat did that to her. I would guess by the end of this weekend she is will be a new mom. Actually while I have been typing up this reply she has been meowing quite a few times. Right now she is lying by my feet. She seems very restless. I have class tonight and I do not want to go because I do not want to leave her. My husband will be here with my daughter so I know she will be fine. I will let you know what happens! Thanks again guys!!! Your an
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Our stories are so similar, it is funny. I've been posting in the "strays and ferals" column and now that we know (or we're pretty sure) our kitty is pregnant, I came over to find posts about it. I've never had kittens (or any pregnant animal) before, so I'm new to this and very nervous as well. The thing that struck me is what you said about your daughter. Our cat is young and playful, so I've been concerned about her grumpiness with my kids lately. Being a stray, I'm always watching for disposition problems anyway. She wants to be loved, but hates it now when the kids pick her up. My girls are older, and are very gentle with her, but she really wants them to leave her alone. She hasn't done anything nasty, but she sort of chirps and pushes away.

Come to think of it, I didn't want to be crowded when I was getting plumply pregnant either.

I can't wait to hear whether or not you have new babies today.... Best of luck... Maybe we can share baby pics when this is all over.
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Hello everyone! Again, I just wanted to thank everyone that responded to my post "My pregnant cat". My cat had two beautiful babies this morning. I knew something was going on last night because she kept meowing at me all night long. She was in my bed all night lastnight and then I started to get nervous that she might have her kittens in my bed. She had her nesting areas all set up. (Even though I knew she most likely would not have them there.) Needless to say, my cat had her kittens right outside of my bedroom door!!! Poor thing, I felt so bad that I missed the birth. As I mentioned before cats really try to tell their owners when they are ready to give birth. I never knew this. My relationship with my cat really grew while she was pregnant. She was always near me. She never left my side. Where ever I was she was there. I felt like I was her midwife throughout her pregnancy. I would pat her, talk to her, brush her. And the best of all was rubbing her belly. What pregnant female doesn't love that? We are so close that she actually had her kittens right outside my bedroom door. Talk about loyality. The only hard part about her having them outside my bedroom door was that it was hard to move her into a safter spot. She was really protective over her new babies. I got a large empty drawer that I thought she would use to give birth, and I put it in my bedroom closet where it is warm, a little dark and quiet. At first she cried out when I moved her babies. She did not want to leave the spot where she gave birth. I think because of the scent and some of the blood that was on the carpet. But I had to move her because she was not safe where she was. Too many feet walking by I was so afraid my four year old would step on them. I am still amazed that she only had two kittens. I was expecting at least five or six. I keep thinking that she will have more. Well by now obviously she will not. I cleaned up the area where she gave birth.
This way the scent will be gone and she can concentrate on being in her new bed with her babies. I moved her food, water and even liter box right next to her because she is on the second floor in my house. Well guys, wish me luck. I am still a little nervous. I will send pictures as soon as things calm down a little bit.
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awww congrats! You were lucky she had alittle litter! Can you keep the two babies? What color are they?
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It is always a good idea 24 hours after the birth of the last kitten to take the whole family mom and kittens to the vet. Just as a safeguard really.
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Congrats on your new little litter. I'm so glad it went well. I hope we have a small litter too. That way, I already know where they are going.

A friend of mine is nursing her 22-year-old cat through her last days right now, so she is expecting to adopt one of ours. June will be good timing for her because it won't be so sudden. Another friend has been planning to give her 5-year-old daughter a kitty for her birthday...Guess when? JUNE 28!! Another buddy was over today and I told her about Casey being pregnant. She wanted Casey when we decided to keep her, so she was happy to know she will be able to have a kitten. I'm so excited. If she only has three, then I already have homes for the WHOLE litter!!!

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