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Today is Saddest Day as we say goodbye for now

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I weep today for our dear Kiko, as we must part in a few hours. She has an incurable and untreatable tumor in her mouth, and is in much pain, can't eat and drink. Sadly, we have made the most difficult decision of our lives. It is hard not to feel guilty. What if we had noticed sooner? Is there anything else that we could have done? We have spent hours researching, calling vets, calling friends, asking breeders for help with this problem. No one knew any answers to help. Our hearts feel like they are being ripped in two. Please pray for my daughter, Kiko's "mom", and her husband and me(her "grandmom") that we will know we are doing the right thing. Please pray for Kiko as she crosses the Rainbow Bridge.

Kiko, beautiful girl, sweetest soul,you will always be part of who we are. You have touched our lives in many special ways. All who have met you love you. You always gave more love than you received with gracious and endearing ways. You are truly a princess girl. We will look for you someday at the Rainbow Bridge. You were such a good Mama, and we know you will take good care of all the little ones who are there. Until then ......
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I am so sorry for you pain, and I feel it strongly as I read your post. I also feel the love you have for this incredible cat of courage. It is always so hard to let go, because once their pain ends, it is us that shoulders the pain and we have to go on.

Know that Kiko understands this love and would thank you if she could for your sacrifice that you are making-
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Im so sorry for you all, it must be so heart wrenching to have to make your decision, but as you say Kiko is in great pain, my mother had mouth cancer, and i know how she suffered.

Take comfort in knowing this little Kiko will be chasing the butterflies across Rainbow Bridge and is suffering no more

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I am so sorry for you.

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I'm so sorry. It's such a difficult time to go through.

Sending prayers for you & your family, and for sweet Kiko to have a gentle passing over the Bridge. May you frolic joyfully on the other side, sweet girl.
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What a difficult decision you have made so that Kiko can live without this illness. Kiko doesn't require our prayers, as she now runs and plays without any pain! My prayers are with you and your family during this time of grief. "the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."(Phil 4:7).
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I'm so sorry that you had to make this decision, but please know that it is absolutely the one that Kiko would have chosen herself. She is free from pain, but yours is just beginning. Kiko will always have a very special place in your hearts. She was a very, very special little girl - that shines through your words. Her physical presence may be gone, but her spirit will always live with you all.
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I'm so sorry you are having to part with your beloved friend. You are very brave and ultimately, Kiki will thank you for it, as it is the only thing you can do.

Don't beat yourself up over not spotting the illness sooner. Cats are very good at hiding it when things are wrong.
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Our sweet princess girl, Kiko went to the Rainbow Bridge about 4 PM this afternoon. She was not afraid, felt loved, and passed peacefully.

Blessings to all who wrote and prayed for us, and those who didn't write but kept us in their prayers. I know that they helped her, and helped us to be strong for Kiko. Kiko was able to take a nap this afternoon cuddled next to my daughter. She hadn't been able to sleep for a couple of days. She looked into my daughter's eyes and put her paw on her cheek as if to say goodbye, and thank you for helping me.

She is chasing butterflies, and watching birds and cuddling with the angels now. It has been a blessing to have her in our lives for the time she was with us.

Thanks again, especially to hissy, rosiemac, TNR1, tuxedokitties, dawnofsierra, valanhb, and Yola. Your words comforted us.

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Thank you for sharing with us about Kiko's peaceful passing to the Rainbow Bridge. I'm so very glad to hear that Kiko and your daughter spent such a special time with eachother this afternoon. Please remember that however painful it was, you made the best decision for Kiko and that she is in perfect health tonight! You remain in my thoughts and prayers.
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Alamo, I am so sorry for your loss. I know what you are going through, because my wife and I just went through this with one of our babies not to long ago. It is always hard to let go, but you should never feel guilty. Kiko knew she was loved and from what I read, she had a very good home with you. Kiko is now free of her pain and even though she knows you are hurting, she thanks you for all the love you have given her. You too, will one day meet your precious Kiko again. May Kiko rest in peace, she is in Gods loving hands now
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Sorry for your loss of Kiko. She was a special girl, it's clear, and she had a wonderful life with her humans. How lovely that she had a chance to say goodbye to your daughter, her "mom".

You did the right thing, and she is free of her pain. Take care and be good to yourselves in this sad time.
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I'm sorry. I'm sure Kiko have felt love and care during her last moments.
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i feel so bad for you. I also know how you feel. We had our new kitten put down a year ago, it was pooing out his inards. So sorry
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Dear alamogirl,
My heart goes out to you and your family. Even though you had to make one of the toughest decisions in your life, have comfort that you have made the best decision for Kiko. The beautiful memories you share with your time together will help you through this painful time. Allow those memories to help you remember all the fun and enjoyment you brought each other and know she suffers no longer. She is with the Lord in a paradise we all will experience at some time. You will be together again. God bless Kiko, yourself and your family.
Our thoughts are with you.
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