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I'm afraid my kitty won't be with me much longer

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he has high blood pressure and kidney disease. he spent a night in the ER a couple of weeks ago. We've been going every day for sub cutaneous fluids. he seemed to be feeling better and eating more. he even looks better. he is 15 and his father had the same thing so i've tried not to expect too much but i was hoping for a little more time. they rechecked his kidney levels tonight and they are creeping up. they want to do more IV fluids next week. tonight i noticed he was breathing hard. I know that's a sign of kidney failure in humans so i assume it's the same with cats. He is still eating and going to the bathroom and doesn't act like he feels too terrible...(for example, he isn't hiding in the closet like he did last week) but now i'm just worried that the treatment isn't going to work. I'm very upset about it and don't know what to do with myself. i guess i just needed to vent to people who would understand.
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I am really sorry you have to go through this, I haven't dealt with this but I have dealt with a cat being on deaths doorstep. She was suffering from panleukopenia. I think the best thing is the IV and also always paying attention to them, for example we would leave work and school to come see her at the vet, just sitting with her and talking seemed to help alot. Your baby is older though, but it seems like he is trying to fight through this and stay with you! I am sure all of us understand what you are going through in one way or another.
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If his time is up, you will know because he will tell you. Cats know when they can go no further and it is up to us as the people who care about them to be able to read them accurately and stop their suffering before it gets so bad for them. You look in their eyes and you know, and if you still see the spark you keep fighting, but if the spark isn't there, you hug them gently and say goodbye.

Fifteen years speaks well of the care that this cat has had and the type of caretaker you really are. So I am confident that you will do the right thing at the right time-
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I am so sorry, I know how it feels to deal with a kitty with kidney failure, as well as just dealing with a beloved cat becoming ill, and all the emotions it brings up, the decisions to make.

I don't know what resources you've tapped for information, and don't want to repeat things you may already know, but if you'd like a recomendation of two awesome, detailed, informative sites on kidney failure, pm me and I'll send you the links. They have both been very helpful to me as we manage my cat with kidney failure (Patrick).

Some times it is possible to stabilize a cat with crf and to gain more time, I will hope that happens for you and your kitty.
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I just dont know what to say apart from i really feel for you, and will be thinking of you both.

Keep us informed.

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I'm sorry about your kitty (((( hugs ))))
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I'm so sorry your kitty and you are going through this tough time. We can just imagine how upset you are, and definitely understand how you feel.
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