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I wanted to stop by and say Hi to all of the feline lovers out there.
We have 5 "furry kids", 3 of which are the bratpack pride of the house. The oldest is Queenie and she is definitely the Queen of the house at a ripe young age of almost 19. Next is Picabo (BooBoo Kitty)
and just turned 1. We got her at 5 weeks old. Last but certainly the feistiest is Tinkerbelle (TinkTink Kitty) who we got in November at the age of 10 weeks. Boo and Tink are sisters from different litters with the same parents. We also have a couple of 10 year old dogs that get along (or tolerate) the Catcritters very well.
Pictures of the cats are here and here .
I'm glad we found this site and look forward to coming here often.
Jeff & Sue
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Welcome to The Cat Site! Your furrbabies are beautiful!
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You have some very beautiful babys
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Welcome to TCS.

All orf your furrbabies are adorable.
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Hi! Big welcomes to TCS.
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Jeff and Sue welcome to the site

You've got some gorgeous pictures of your babies!. My favourite pictures of any fur baby is when they are sleeping, i love it.

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Hello and welcome Jeff and Sue and the lovely furbabies!
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Welcome! You have some great pictures of the cats! (The doggie is cute too!)
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Welcome to the site! I have to agree with everyone else...your fur-kids are beautiful!!!!
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Welcome and I think you'll enjoy all the people and info here!--persia

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Hello to you all and a belated welcome
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Welcome. What lovely babies!
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