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For those who have been following my new career move....

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Hi everyone! I thought I'd update you guys on the upcoming & exciting adventures of my new career. Tomorrow is my graduation day from training! It's hard to believe that I'm finally an Assistant Manager! I start my new position on Monday at a different store then where I trained, but luckily it's still in Lincoln. I'm glad I don't have to move, but I'm toying with the idea of it though. It's a longer drive for me once I start at that store & the traffic is horrible on that side of town. I'm thinking about moving to an apartment closer, but I just dread the thought of moving again. I'm not real thrilled about my schedule for the new job. I told them I thought they were trying to kill me the first month I'm there! I have to be at work at 6am most days & have to pull 2 closing shifts a week (those suck...I work from 8am to 10pm those days!), plus every Saturday that I work is a closing shift. The cool thing about it is that I get one 3 day weekend a month off & only have to work 2 partial weekends & one full weekend a month. I can handle that. The area that I'll be over is Bakery instead of Produce. They changed that a week or so ago, so I've been cramming all my Bakery training in this past week. I like it so far, but it's a lot harder than what I thought it would be. I'm always up for a challenge, so I'm looking forward to it.

Well, that's about all thats new with me but I thought I better update you all on what's happening. I probably won't get to spend as much time on here, but I'll try to stop in when ever possible. Thank you to those who've supported & gave me encouragement the past 6 months. I really appreciate it!
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Good luck with the new store Shell!! You know, the 6 am shift may not be that bad - you'll miss the heaviest rush hour traffic.
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my congrats Shell .
Maybe in time you can make your decition (sp) if you want to move or not . I know how hard moving is . I moved so many times I stop counting LOL . Good luck for the new future
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That's good news Shell. It sounds like you're really keeping on top of things and I'm not surprised that you can handle it.
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Excellent! You will be fine and will do wonderfully well.
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My congrats to you Shell. Glad it's not ages away. Good luck, and hugs!!
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Wooo hooo an 'Assistant Manager'!!!!

Hope it goes well for you Shell, and if your on the Weight Watchers thread, go easy on the pastries!!

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Congratulations Shell. I'm sure you'll be a great Assistant Manager.
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That sounds like my schedules, when I worked at Walgreen's. At least, the bakery is an area that you already know SOMETHING about. Of course, we know how much you enjoyed working the Tire & Lube Express.

Don't be in a big hurry to move. They may shuffle you around again. WalMart is under a lot of pressure, to prove that female employees are treated the same as the men.
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Congrats Shell! You are offically an Assistant Manager! Way to go!

I'm happy to hear you get to stay in Lincoln. Good luck at the new store!

I know you are going to be really busy but pop in when you can!
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Congratulations, Shell! I hope you like the new store, and that you adapt to the hours. And as Heidi pointed out, at least you'll miss rush hour, so you might not have to move. BTW, have you had any more trouble with the locks on your car or apartment?
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Thanks everyone!

Today was a great day & full of emotions. I didn't realize how close I had gotten with a few people & it was sad to say goodbye. I didn't cry, but came pretty close at the end. I had a few people that I really didn't know all that well come up to me & wish me luck. That felt great, but this one gal almost brought me to tears. She said "Michelle, I know that we don't know each other well but I can tell you that you have what it takes to be a good Assistant. There are people that become Assistants, Store Managers & even CEO's that have never worked themselves up from the very bottom. You have that going for you & I know that you'll be successful. I could tell that from the first day I met you". God, it was so hard to stay professional & not cry when she said that. There has been numerous times when I have felt that I didn't know if this was the right move to make or if I could handle all the pressure of it all. I've definitely grown some confidence during my training & she helped me realize that I can do this.
The only other time when I almost lost it was when I was clocking out. I've become pretty good buddies with another trainee (he's not the one in the attached photos) & it hurt to say good bye to him today. Last week we went to lunch together & we decided that a bunch of us were going to go for lunch on my last day. We had a blast today! So, when I was ready to leave it hit home that I won't get to goof around with him like I always do. I guess the humor always helped me get through those rough days. We did agree to stop in occasionally to see each other or even go to lunch once a month to catch up on things. It's just going to be weird once again...meeting new people & making those friendships. I'll really miss those guys though!

Well...enough of my rambling on about that. Here's the photos from today. I forgot to get a picture of my cake that the Bakery made. It was so pretty! I hated cutting into it! It was pretty cool to serve cake to everyone after our announcement. It was a great way to say thanks to everyone for all of their help. Overall, the day was great & I'm ready for my next adventure! Thanks again everyone for you kind word of encouragement & support!

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Totally AWESOME Shell !! I will be thinking of You when I go to Superwalmart tomorrow.
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Shell that is awesome!!!! I am really glad you posted this update, I've often wondered how the training was going when I'd see your name here. And I'm positive you will do as well at your new store being an official assistant as you have everywhere else along the way in your career!! Good luck!
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Thanks Guys!
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