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Sneezing fits

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Doku is still recovering from being spayed but yesterday she started having sneezing fits, like one after another...I swear she sneezed 50 times. Her nose is not runny, and neither are her eyes. She just sneezes and seems to be breathing through her mouth before and afterwards. When she sneezes it is like she can't catch her breath until she is fully done. Her belly seems hot and she has been sleeping all day, she was also being quite mean yesterday, growling when I went to pick her up, bit me once (not hard) and scratched my mom. Should we take her to the vet tomorrow? Since all she is doing is sneezing? We don't have money but I have 20 bucks stashed away and we can ask for a payment plan...anyone know whats happening with the 10 month old baby?

EDIT: I forgot to say that she has eaten and drank water today as well.
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Can you take her temperature? Did you call the vet? She is probably growling because she doesn't feel good, which is typical after surgery and shouldn't be picked up for awhile until she fully heals (inside and out)
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We no longer have thermometers that work, I don't know why but they always just break down on us. We didn't call the vet today, but if she is the same tomorrow morning we will call and get an appointment, my mom said Doku woke her up coughing as well. The only vets open right now are emergency ones and I don't think this classifies as an emergency. She was spayed on the 17 so she was fine this week until yesterday afternoon. Since her belly is still shaved I could feel the heat from it, her ears are warm and nose dry.

I have no clue if this has anything to do with it but her fur seems very different in the last day, it seems that it is thicker feeling and spread out?
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The vet might check out your kitty at no cost. I would definatley call them. My cat didn't have the sneezes but felt real warm for a day or 2 after the surgery and my vet offered to let me bring her in for an office visit at no charge since she had just had the surgery.
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