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Hello from Brazil!!!

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I am the proud mom of Dom Vito, a 9 months old persian kitten. We love to surf on kittie's sites and we just made ours: http://www.geocities.com/salamandra73/

Come to visit us!!!

We are looking forward to chat about, well, *cats* with you all!!!
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Welcome to TCS!!

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Welcome to The Cat Site, have fun, ask questions, and don't get addicted! Dom Vito is absolutely gorgeous!
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Welcome to the site! I like your website, it is very nice. Dom Vito is just adorable!
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Oi! Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to TCS to you and Dom Vito.
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Awwwww, Your kitty is gorgeous!

Welcome to TCS! I breed Persians..
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Hi and welcome to the site.

Your kitty is gorgeous!!

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Thanks a lot everyone for the warm welcoming messages!!!

Dom Vito also say thanks for the compliments... heehee.

I wish I could give Dom Vito some feline buddies to play, but after coming back to Brazil from a divorce, I am back to my parent's home and I can have only *one* here.

When I get my own place again then I can have, lets say, 2 or 3 more... heehee... I love to watch kitties playing and kitties all over all the time.
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I know what you mean. I love to watch them sleep
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HI!!!! to you and welcome to this wonderful site!
You'll find that the people care about cats and are willing to help anyway they can!!--Persia

Perky Daisy

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Hello from Puerto Rico!!!!!

Welcome, I think you are about the second person I find from South America! (I am the first, he, he).

Dom Vito is gorgeous! Let me guess... in Portuguese Dom means "Mr.". Now, Vito, must be the equivalent of VÃ:censor:ctor in Spanish?
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I love your Persian ,"Dom Vito" is a very beautiful Persian kitty
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Enjoy chatting on TCS! Don Vito is such a beautiful cat, and I love the color and markings. See you around and take care.
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Hello and welcome to TCS
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