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Blocked anal glands?

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I have just noticed that my female cat is very sensitive around her anal area. I was wondering where exactly the anal glands are located and what problems they can cause. Can they cause the cat to have loose stools? Also every time she urinates it gets all over her, I have never seen this before. I am taking her to the vet tomorrow, but just wanted to know if anyone has ever heard of this.
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*Typical* symptoms of blocked anal glands is scooting the bum around the floor, excessive licking of the anal area and bloody stools. The anal glands are located at the sides of the anus under the skin and have to be relieved by being expressed.

Your cat being incontinent is of great concern and could be a symptom of other problems with the health. A vet visit is a good call.
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What would cause blocked anal glands? How can this be prevented?
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Normally anal glands are expressed when cats poop. Sometimes there may be a "structural" problem (glands located "wrong" etc), so that the glands don't empty that way. Other times the problem may be diet related, and at others, no one knows. Usually plenty of fiber is recommended to pets with this problem, and the poop should be firm, not loose.
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