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Rioting - The New College Fad?

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I know I've seen it around here. Whenever one of our Denver teams wins a championship, there is a riot downtown. But at least on the whole it's only National Championships - when the Broncos won the Superbowl and when the Avalanche have won the Stanley Cup.

Boulder outlawed the common practice of having couches sitting out on porches because students were taking them out to the streets to burn when the CU Buffs won a big game.

What is the draw????
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This is just an example of mob mentality. It's like the riots after soccer games in Europe and South America. It only takes a few troublemakers to start it. In a mob, emotions ran so high that people lose their perspective.
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It happens here in Tucson, too. Whenever the UA basketball team goes to the NCAA tournament, 4th Ave is closed to traffic and riot gear is issued to the police. Some years ago, students went on a rampage, burning cars and climbing light poles. One kid lost an eye, to a police officer's rubber bullet and then had the nerve to sue!
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Like the article said it's a fad. Not the exact words but that pretty much sums it up. Alcohal plays a part in I would say 99% of the riots that occur. Just like the ones here in Denver After the Super bowl and stanley Cup wins. They were in the heart of LoDo(Lower Downtown) Which is Bar/Club central!! the one place to aviod anytime after last call. even on a weekday you can find the stree crowed with people. But you add the fact that the home town just won and the few antaginist who maybe like the opposing team, or just like to see people get upset start making there comments and we all know that alcohal has the ability to give people the invincable feeling that most young people have that they can't be beaten,they will live for ever etc. it equals trouble. It's pretty sad that all of us have to deal with,new laws, and such immature behavior all because of some young adults having a few drinks. I think it's about time that the dear old Goverment takes a closer look at what alcohal does to people. It ruins more lives then most other drugs.
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It's like the riots after soccer games in Europe
It's really strange that we have a huge football hooligan problem here in the UK, but we don't really get rugby hooligans. It's got to the point where the majority of these soccer hooligans don't even go to see the game, it doesn't matter who wins or loses as long as they get their fight afterwards. I don't understand this mentality.
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Look at what happens in Chicago, if the Bulls play for the NBA championship: if the Bulls lose, there's a riot; if the Bulls win, there's a riot. The same thing happens in LA, if the Lakers make it. Face it, these fools just like to riot and need no real excuse.
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I don't think it is a fad - a fad passes. Rioting has always been around.

Its mob mentality, one person starts it, everyone else follows suit like sheep.
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