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A falling out between my two cats

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Hi, everybody. I have two cute cats who are both 1 year old, both female. I've had them both since they were 4 months and they've been good friends from the start. About a month ago Lola, the shy, timid one who was repeatedly pounded in play-fights by Zuki (confident and friendly), started staying out late nights. Last week, Lola stayed out for 3 days in a row. At the same time my husband, Zuki's best human friend, was out of town. I spent what time I could with her, but I'm gone all day and I could see Zuki was lonely. When Lola finally came back, Zuki snubbed her. Lola made friendly overtures, licking her and kissing her, but Zuki responded by swatting at her. This went on for several days during which Zuki ignored Lola, and then yesterday Zuki decided to forgive her and they're friends again.

What's the deal? -- is this Lola's last chance, or will Zuki forgive her again next time? How strong are the ties of friendship between 1 year-old cats? What can I expect?

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Well, Lola came home with a whole array of new and unfriendly smells. It seems Zuki was very upset that Lola was not the very same cat. I would expect that if she does this again that Zuki will respond in the same way. Are they both allowed outdoors? However maybe Lola has decided that roaming is not all it's cracked up to be and may never do it again.
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Both cats are allowed outdoors, we live in a cul de sac in a smaller town, where all the neighbor cats are outdoor cats too. I think Lola started roaming to find her self-respect. Zuki is more outgoing but Lola is a smarter hunter. The different smells explanation makes sense, but it still seems like Zuki was hurt that Lola abandoned her for so long. My husband kept Lola inside for several days (although she tried to talk him into letting her out), and she has stayed closer to home since then.
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Hi CatMama :angel2:

I've been surfing about most of the evening gathering up some facts/information/studies about our beautiful feline freinds. I hope this provides some insight for you. :daisy:


Love, Peace &
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