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Furbabies and their toys

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I have made a great discovery about Tigger today.

While I've always realized that cats whille play with any toy that wasn't meant to be a toy, I never realized how they grow to depend on them. Tigger for some unknown reason, decided that one of his toys would be bottle tops. Not just any bottle top, but the bottle tops to the Pepsi bottles (I guess being Pepsi is a New York company, he's a true New Yorker). He bats them all over the house as if he were related to Wayne Gretksy. He picks it up brings it all over and then loses it, expecting mommy to find it or get him another one. Well, he's been very unhappy with me the last few days, nibbling on my feet. This afternoon he found his toys, and was so happy, playing for hours with his bottle cap.
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Neko absolutely loved playing with the caps from water bottles, I let him have them until he got it stuck down the bathtub drain and our bathtub got backed up! He watched the plumber the whole time while he was trying to get it out, now he only plays with his toys and straws.
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Rosie loves bottle caps. In fact anything like that!. I pulled the couch forward the other day because she had flicked one of her treats underneath.

I found all of the following that she had been playing with: Bits of pot pourri, a straw that she stole from a coke can i had, 3 bitten off flower heads, 5 sweets(still in their wrappings), 2 of her sponge balls, a slice of raw carrott, and thats within 2 weeks!!!.

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Susan! That was so funny. It's always an adventure when we move our couches, too. Last time it was candy wrappers, bottle tops, hair ties, a couple of toys, potpourri. Amazing.
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I have a box I keep the toys in. Buddy will go to the box and take out a toy, play for a while, pick it up and put back in the box and select another toy to play with!!! I couldn't believe it the first time I saw him do this. He does this for three or four toys and then the last one gets left on the floor.
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Wow, Anna! That's amazing!

Cupid likes bottle caps too!
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Anna, that is so cute. I wonder if my cat would do that...probably not. Krista enjoys footies, you know when you go to a shoe store and try on shoes with those panty hose? She loves those, I haven't tried bottle caps yet, maybe she will like those too.
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My kitty (Bandit) also loves random toys - wadded up paper, bottle tops, those little tabs from the milk gallon... But the funniest thing is the string on the ceiling fan above my bed. He absolutely loves it!!! He will sit on the foot of my bed and "stalk" it from below, meowing and trying to reach it. I picked him up once and stood on the bed myself to see what he'd do and he went crazy, swatting it back and forth! Well, that started a morning ritual, sadly enough, so every morning he has to swat at the cord from the fan before I leave for school.... Strings hung from lower places that he can reach just dont seem to have the same effect - he wants to be able to reach the fan cord. Cats pick the oddest obsessions!!!
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This sounds like Saki and his mice lol. Every day I get a mouse out for him and he plays with it for hours.. bringing it to me and meowing at me to throw it for him. Eventually it gets lost and he walks around meowing expecting me to get him another one
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Mosley LOVES pop bottle caps too--she fetches them and it's sooo cute. She also likes to jump as high off the couch as she can so she's like flipping to go chase it. Sometimes when she does this she actually catches the cap between her front paws like a person. She is so funny with those caps!
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I picked up a toy called 'Da Bird' at the local pet store. It's a slender fishing pole with a string connected to a clump of feathers, cleverly attached via a small spinning device. When you pull it through the air, it spins and makes a small flapping noise like a bird.

When I brought it home, my 2-year old cat Gandalf literally jumped 4-1/2 feet in the air to get it! Then the new kitten Arwyn (6 months) saw it and decided it was HERS. Before Kitty War broke out, I put it away and now we have two of them. Both of them will go for it until they are panting and have to take a break to recover. This is the best interactive toy I've found so far.

Both kitties like the glitter 'balls' - Arwyn carries them around the house, growling at Gandalf ("mine mine mine!"). Neither of them cares for ping pong balls, but Arwyn will chase marbles and some soft balls.
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Miikka spends HOURS playing with her bottle caps from 2L bottles. I keep them all around the house as once of her sources of amusement. She has liked them since day one, and it never grows old.
She is quite the good little hockey player (well she is named after Calgary's goalie Miikka Kiprusoff so it is to be expected)! I have some video of her playing hockey with me. I will upload it when I am on my other computer tomorow!
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[font=century gothic][color=orangered]I have to laugh that someone named their cat after a hockey player; my cat Tigger's nickname is Wayne Gretsky because he so loves batting his bottle caps around the apartment. He's even got a whole stash of bottle caps that the neigbors have giveen him.
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Frantic used to pull pieces of kibble out of his dish and bat it around the kitchen. He'd play with it for about 5 minutes, eat it, then go back to the dish for another. Thats when I realized none of his toys were in sight. They were all under the fridge and in the living room under the couch! Thats when I got him some slightly larger balls.

Their favorite toy is a plastic egg leftover from last Easter. It used to be on a stem in a flower arrangement. When they hit it, it doesn't go straight but wobbles in several different directions!
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system loves playing with this little fur jacket thing that goes on the bratz dolls. she has this one that she plays with all day, she'll sit on the stairs and grab it with her paw and throw it down the stairs, run down and get it and go back up again.. baci loves twist ties but i always take them away from him
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