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I Just Don't Understand

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I visited my local animal shelter the other day to drop off some food. I always visit with the cats while I'm there and I read their charts. This one cat is about 1 year and half old and is an absolute sweetie and his chart says his former owners just decided they didn't want him anymore. How can people be so cruel and just desert their pets? It breaks my heart every time I go there. I have 3 cats already (2 were adopted from this shelter) and if I had room, I would probably bring home more.

I just needed to vent from people I knew would understand.
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Since I'm in violent agreement with your frustration, can I simply add to your vent with another example (please oh please)? I don't want to derail your discussion!

I belong to a "freecycle" e-mail group. You post things to give away for free so that they don't wind up in landfills. Pet postings are not allowed, but someone slipped up today and posted this:

Offer: calico cat spayed & front declawed

We'd like to think of this as a 3 year foster care situation that we
have provided for a cat from a shelter. She has had her shots, was
spayed and front declawed last year and now needs a good home to
continue her happy days. She is very healthy and loves dry food. I
have 5 children and no one wants to be responsible for her liter box
and dad isn't happy with a cat on his chair so we think someone
would love to love her.

All I can say is:
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It just goes to show that there are still far too many people who consider pets "disposable"!
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Oh why dont we all go the whole hog and auction them on e bay
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If you understood this type of thinking, would you be able to live with yourself? Would you be able to look in the mirror on a daily basis and say to yourself that you are okay and a worthy person? Be grateful that you do not understand the mentality of people who treat animals as objects to be tossed aside the minute they become inconvienent in their lives. Be grateful that you do not ascribe to the notion that kittens are little angels and backyard cats should have scads of litters, because that is why they walk the world. Be grateful that there is a community such as TCS that exists to educate these people on how to be responsible caregivers of cats, and not "owners." And be sad for this cat whose future is uncertain now, and whose past was probably a bit traumatic. I hope someone out there will take this cat into their heart and home and make a difference in that cat's life.
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i think the owners just didnt have the time and money to pay for the cat. they might have given him to the shelter for a good reason.
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I just don't understand people who are willing to just throw away a pet. I guess we should be thankful that they dropped the kitty at the shelter rather than just put the poor thing out. (My Simon was a stray kitten that someone put out. I think it may be because he's mostly black-two small white spots-and most people don't want black cats.)
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My (ex)best friend was lonely and wanted a cat, so I got him a kitty from a shelter. Well, the poor thing developed a UTI and started peeing on his bed. I told him that the cat needed to be taken to the vet, paid for the vet exam and medicine. Anyway, the kitty kept peeing on his bed, and his statement was that "once they pee on your stuff, you can't teach them to stop". I told him that if he didn't want the cat then I would take it. A day later, he told me that he had found a family for the cat (but there are a dozen ads for free kittens in the paper every weekend, how did he find a home for a full grown kitty in a day???!!!) I suspect he took him to the pound, despite my plea (sp) to give the cat to me. needless to say, I no longer speak to him. sorry, just venting an old hurt.

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