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A few days ago (Like Monday, I think), I noticed Ashley was limping. It looked like it came on suddenly. I called the vet Tuesday and he said to watch her...that maybe when she was trying to jump on something, her nail caught on something. Ashley does not go outside at all (unless we are right there with her). When I touch her leg (it is her right rear), she doesn't pull away, scream, or anything else. I have seperated her toes one by one and touched her pads...she doesn't pull away (she is very tolerable of us. I have gone up her leg with slight pressure to see if there are any sore spots and again...she just doesn't pull away or scream. But...she just doesn't seem to be any better.

She will LOOK like she is better maybe first thing in the morning, but then she starts limping around again. She jumps on the bed and her chair just fine (although sometimes she doesn't make it as far as she did before). She always has walked a little bow legged, though...I am not sure if that is relevant or not.

I am actually very worried about her (my husband thinks I am overreacting), but I guess that is because I am in love with her so much (like my kid!).

I don't understand! Any insight to this??
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She might have pulled/ strained a muscle which as the days wears on gets worse.

I too am a worrier when it comes to my baby. For peace of mind I would have her checked by a VET.
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What you can do is confine her for 24 hours in a small room where she is not able to move about so freely, with soft, thick bedding she can lie on and all her basic needs there and see if she doesn't get better. Of course if this confinement will distress her and make her yowl, then let her out, but if she is feeling punky and you give her a dark quiet room with a good bed, she will probably just sleep. Then if she doesn't get better, head for the vet.
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