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Hi guys, I just read about Pawsense on another site. Here's the URL:


Is this a joke or is it real? I think it's real.
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Looks real to me! LOL What will they think of next?

Actually, it makes sense... I don't know how many computer crashes have resulted from Fluffy pawing the keyboard, but I know documents have been erased and such.
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Too cool!

My cats end up climbing all over the keyboard when they're competing for lap space while I'm sitting at the computer.
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I was wondering because when I have Toes he likes to sit on my PC (it's a laptop). I'm pretty sure 21 pounds is not good for it and it does really weird stuff to the keyboard. I'm actually contemplating getting it before we move Toes back in--oh! That's my other news. We're buying a house and I get Toes back. I don't get Tailer because she's fallen in love with my Dad and she's scared of my husband (not because of him but because he's a man, my Dad is the first man she's ever liked) so we figure she'd be better off with my Dad. She's even bonded with him better than she ever bonded with me.
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Ericka!!! I'm SSSSSOOOOOO happy for you that you finally get to bring your kitty home to live with you again!!!!

I have to say, that you've shown the marks of a true loving kitty mommy. Letting Tailer stay with your Dad, no matter how much it hurts you, because you know it's the best thing for her. I commend you....
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Thanks. Yes, I love her wayyyy too much to bring her into a household where she'll be nervous. She doesn't really like men or kids and I have one of each in mine now. Toes LOVES both so he'll be in heaven, plus he'll have his Mommy back. I'll be in the biggest heaven with him sleeping next to me, though.
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OMG! I actually rekon that's pretty cool!

On a different note, Ericka I'm so happy you get one of your babies back, and so glad Tailer has found someone he feels really safe with. Too cool!
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That looks like a serious program to me. It's good news that at least Toes gets to come back home to you too.
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It is definitely a serious program. The kittens like to be close to me wherever I am and this includes sleeping on the keyboard, walking on the keyboard, dashing across the keyboard and standing on the keyboard whilst chasing the cursor. Because of this, I considered getting this program but decided I couldn't afford it. Instead, I've set the computer to lock if I'm away from it.

And it's not just kittens that delete files:
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Thanks to everyone on the encouragement with Toes.

So locking the computer works? Do you lock it with the key or with the commands? My laptop doesn't have a key.
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Ericka, I just hold the 'Windows' key and press L.

You can also use the screen saver as a no-kitty-typing zone by turning on the passowrd option.
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