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Odd, Can't Explain...Quite Confused!

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Well here goes.

As you may know I have a new kitten in the house. We've named him too. His name is Menchi.

Anyway, he's a rather quiet little guy. I guess Russell and Esper do the talking for him. All three get along marvellously. And it's a secret just amongst us, but Esper let's Menchi cuddle up to her when no one's watching.

Anyway, the problem is this.

When Menchi does meow. It sounds like a squeak. No problem there. He's only 10 weeks. That's pretty much what we expect. But when he does meow to call out for me or my fiancee, Russell tries to mount Esper which in turns annoys Esper and Russell is given the "What do you think you're trying to do to me?" treatment by Esper.

Initially we thought it may be territory. So we separated the cats and slowly introduced them again but only after making safe havens for each of them in their corner of the house. But even now it still happens.

Russell is neutered. Esper is spayed. Menchi isn't neutered yet. He's too small. And all three are healthy. No one is on any medication.
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It is probably the pitch of the squeak of Menchi's meow. Somewhere I have a study that was done that proved that high-pitched noises, like whistles, and the sound of a baby crying has shown in some male neutered cats to produce a mating type behavior. Why this is, they didn't say, just that it happens in some cases.
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I was afraid to hear this.

Well Menchi had better develop a deeper sounding meow soon. Though I did catch a meowing lesson between him and Esper. The two of them were meowing back and forth. Though then Russell landed in the middle and meowed and purred his little heart out much to Esper's annoyance.
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My one female Pixie Bob, Aurora, will bite me when I talk in a high tone of voice. She will bite my wife too when she talks the same way. She never bites hard enough to hurt us, it's more of a "love bite".
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