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Hello, there! Here, below, are images of the two cats whom I presently keep:

Michaela Kristin, a.k.a. H.R.H. Princess Michaela of Portland

Tonya Robin, a.k.a. The Black Torpedo

And here is a view of our window on the world:

The work station

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Oooooh i thought they were different ones as i saw them on the other thread.

Joe is HRH a "Tortie" like my Rosie?.
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sweet looking cats...... also like how you have your remotes all lined up in a row......nice desk too!!!!
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Susan, Michaela isn't a tortie cat--at least I don't think she is. She's more of a tabby cat with shades of brown.

<---- Of course, she's also a little angel--at least when I'm around!

Oava, you'll notice that next to the printer there is a hammer. I discovered the presence of a threat aids greatly in promoting a smooth-running local machine.

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Pretty Kitties!
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The cats and I thank you!

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They are beautiful Joe, and may I just say I wish my work station was as neat as yours!
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The cats and I appreciate your kind remarks, hissy! (Bear in mind, regarding the work station, that photography typically fails to show levels of dirt.)

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LOL! Dirt, or would that be cat hair?
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Pretty kitties.

To bad my workstation isn't as well kept as yours....
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Well, there's a bit cat hair on the work station due to Tonya's evident interest in computing systems! Michaela, however, is unimpressed with this machinery. And bear in mind although the hardware seen in that photograph remains the same, the level of work-station cleanliness over the past couple of years (since the photograph was made) has degraded somewhat.

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Joe it's good to see your cats, they are lovely. Michaela looks like a brown tortie tabby from here..
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What lovely cats! Great names and aliases!
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Thank you both, for you kind remarks about the cats! I shall pass along your assessments to them, so they can bask in a bit more glory.

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Your cats are beauties!

I The Black Torpedo
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Thank you, 3BlackCats! Well, Tonya's nickname is due to the fact she has (shall we say) a lot of mass; so when she gets rolling there's little which can withstand her impact. Even so, much as a torpedo swims whilst on its mission, Tonya has a very determined air about her when pursuing the object of her attention.

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awww what sweeties
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Thanks, chelle, for the compliments! Michaela and Tonya love hearing such praise, even though they act like it's no big deal. We know different!

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[IMG]siamese.jpg[/IMG] this is only a test for images
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plz delete thhis, only test
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