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Final solution for cat proofing the yard

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Hi ya'll,
After giving alot of thought to the matter I've scrapped the idea of installing a wooden privacy fence. The big factor being money. Nice as it would be, it would cost alot, be one hell of a project as I've never put up a fence like that, and extra measures would have to be taken on top of it to completely keep Smudge contained. Of course given the fact that I'll be around another 1-2 years to appreciate it makes it seem a tad much, But oh how nice it would be.
Anywho, I've seen a couple products online that are basically very tall netting type fences that are easy to install and much, much cheaper. And these seem virtually cat proof as I don't envision Smudge being able to climb an 8 foot high net. Maybe you've seen these before. From a distance the netting is pretty much undetectable. I figure I could install it over a couple days. All I need to do is take an exact measurement then place an order. I'm super excited because the season is changing and everybody has been really, really good with having to stay inside all winter long so I want to reward everyone with this suprise! If anyone remembers my previous post on this subject then you know why I'm have to keep everybody contained. My adorable neighbor shot and almost killed Smudgie because of his "tresspassing". Oddly enough there are no leash laws in Omaha in regards to cats, and it is now a felony to commit animal crulety. Tell this to my wonderful neighbor.

Soon I will post pictures of my kiddies including the infamous Smudge, a cat who you'd definitely want to SHOOT if you ever found him sniffing about your yard.

Be good!
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I am glad to hear you found a solution to the problem. I still think though your neighbor is an idiot
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How will you anchor the bottom so they won't go underneath it? You could get some stiff wire and cut it into lengths long enough to bend in half and go in the ground far enough to secure it. You might also put up some bird scare tape so that the birds don't fly into it and get tangled in it, then your cats going after it. I don't mean to dampen your excitement. I just know how clever my cats can be. I hope it all goes well.
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RBG is right about "burying" the bottom of the net. Some suppliers suggesting "turning in " 6 - 8 inches of netting and anchoring it all the way around with cinder blocks, bricks, untreated railroad ties or heavy logs We enclosed a balcony with the netting about four years ago, and have had windows secured with it for almost five years. It really does the trick, but make sure you check for tears regularly. The netting tends to sag a bit in wet weather. We have transparent, white, black and green netting. The windows and a French door (to another balcony) are secured with transparent netting, and the balcony with green. We have two collapsible metal frames, one with white, one with black, that fit into indoor doorways; we used to use them when our older cat was still alive to prevent JC from attacking him, and find them quite useful when painting: the air can circulate, but Jamie can't get into the wet paint. The transparent netting is very inconspicuous, but difficult to work with, tends to discolor, and lasts about half as long as the other colors. I'd personally recommend the green (khaki) color; from a distance it is barely noticeable. We have ribbons tied to the netting to alert birds.
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