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Second Hand Lions

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Has anyone seen this movie yet? It is out on video, and I highly recommend it. I thought it was going to be a chick flick, but Mike really loved it as well-
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I loved this movie!! The deal with the salesmen just cracked me up. And the dogs, they were an awsome part of the movie. They always made me chuckle.
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I saw it in the theater. It is a nice movie.
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I've never even heard of it.
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Hissy,we rented the film last week....it was so good!!!! my husband even liked it. He asked me to buy it. He made a comment that it was a good family film for the first time with out blood and guts and cussing. It was very refreshing. I highly recomend it....
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Miss Kitty says that this movie restored her faith in Hollywood -- no gratuitous sex, violence, gutter language, noise pretending to be music, nudity, prepubescent teenagers pretending to be otherwise -- Jim and I and Miss Kitty spent a very enjoyable couple of hours watching masters in action -- Michael Caine and Robert Duvall. The young lad co-star whose name I cannot remember, was of course no slouch either. Actually we watched it twice, keeping the rented video a second day. (There is no movie theater in our little town on the beach).

Being Texans I suspect this movie charmed us more than possibly the average viewer.

Do not, BTW, let my disparaging comment about Hollywood cause you to suspect that I am a prude -- I am a sailor's daughter and married to a sailor.

All the best to all, from the beach,

Ann, with Jim, Miss Kitty and, soon, Samwise
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My SS and I absolutely LOVED that movie!

My parents (in their 70s) even liked it.
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I should have mentioned in my earlier post to this group that one of the co-stars is a kitty -- a big kitty, but a kitty nonetheless.

Those of you who have not seen this movie can add to your enjoyment if you can rent or purchase the DVD version. The reverse side on the history and the making of the movie is very interesting and amusing.


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I would suggest buying it if you can, a definite asset to any tape library.

The young man in the film is Haley Joel Osment and he also does a superb job.
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We watched this movie last night and it was really good! I'm buying this one, great one for everyone to watch!
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I was not even aware of this film, prior to this thread. I'm certainly liking what I'm hearing from everyone here about it! On the basis of these comments, it is now on my "buy or at least rent" list for early attention. This sounds like a have-to.
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We bought it yesterday and have already watched it twice!
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I saw it, loved it
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I haven't heard of it, sounds good though. I'll keep an eye out.
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