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Vomitting ??

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Hi everyone!

I have two adorable Birman furbabies who are mother (Sasha) and daughter (Cleo).

Cleo eats like a pig at a trough, and Sasha is more of a picky eater - eat some now and save the rest for later. Usually of course there is no later, as Miss Piggy (Cleo) gutses the whole lot.

The problem is that Sasha vomits quite often. Aside from the usual furballs, she vomits probably 4-5 times a week. I am constantly finding little surprises around the house, and have seen Sasha vomitting quite often.

We have tried every type of food imaginable with no success. We have also tried feeding them smaller portions more often and have also taken her to the vet several times and he has found nothing abnormal.

Our once beautiful carpet is now covered in stains that seem to be impossible to remove, but more importantly I am worried about my furbaby.

Anyone have any advice?
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If your cat is vomiting so much, my suggestion is to find a cat specialist and take her in. The danger is dehydration, and sometimes anemia, depending on the severity of the vomiting episodes. Have you tried just boiled chicken and broth? Elevating her food bowl, stopping dry food altogether and going to canned? But really with that much vomiting going on depending on if she is vomiting hair or food, she really needs to see a specialist, or at least a cat only clinic.
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My boyfriend's cat has the same problem. He is a large cat and somewhat overweight. He always eats his food very fast and vomits probably 5 times a week. Every time he would let him outside Otis would eat grass and come back inside and vomit. We really didn't understand why he was doing this. The doctors were no help. We finally changed his food to Natural Balance, he hasn't vomited since. Maybe he was sensitive to something in his food. Look at what you are feeding and see if it has corn, or corn gluten meal in it, they use this as fiber but some cats are very sensitive to it. Or maybe try feeding a canned food instead. Hope this helps, I know just how you feel about your carpet, ours look the same way, lots of round, brown stains everywhere!Good luck!
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