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I just moved to a new area and in a matter of 3 months, 3 of my cats have gone missing.

All of my cats are related-momma cat Bailey and 5 boys-
When we moved we had a hec of a time getting them together. One of the boys who is gone now, George-Bailey, got out and was no where to be found. We actually had to move and come back for him with his Momma (bailey) who found him right away.

When we brought George home, my other cat Iggy (after being in the new house 3 days) disappeared and I haven't seen him since.

George stayed around for a couple of months and vanished too. Then Bailey, the momma, disappeared.

George had a collar on, Bailey had just gotten hers off the day before she left and Iggy didn't have one on.

I am terribly worried about them. My cats are indoor/outdoor and have access to come and go as they please. I am a huge cat lover who strives to make my cats happy-THEY ARE MY KIDS-and I feel helpless. I am worried about my other boys disappearing too.

I have checked our last house and have called for them (at night) and nothing. What can I do?

I have lost 7 animals in the last 3 years (3 in a house fire, 1-missing shortly after the house fire, and now my three boys- I couldn't bare losing another!!!!
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You might want to post signs in both neighborhoods just in case someone sees them. You can also call around to the local pounds and shelters to see if anyone turned any of them in. Canvas the neighborhood and ask around. Someone might have seen something. If a cat doesn't have a collar on alot of people might think that it's a stray. That's terrible that your kids are missing. I'd be frantic as well. I don't think I could ever let my cats out as I'd worry too much.

When I move, I'm going to build a cat enclosure so they can be safe yet enjoy the outdoors.

My heart goes out to you. I hope you find them. Please keep us updated.

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My thoughts are with you as well - I hope that your Kids return soon to you. Keep checking around and do as Donna suggested. I would still look at the house you left before. How far away is your old home from your new one?
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Sending my best wishes that your babies will return. Please keep us posted.
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That's awfull! I hope they will come back... or you will find them...

Try your old neighborood, do you live far from there?

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That is so aweful. I feel very badly for you. I have lost some cats in my time as well. Either they left and never returned or they left and I found them run over. Solution: I do not let them out of the house...ever!!! And guess what? They have always been happy and with me and most of all, alive!!! Maybe you will consider this in the future and eleviate yourself of worry about this problem.

Hope they come back real soon!!!

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Thanks to everyone for your support. I have gone to the local pound quite a bit when they were first missing and still have not found them.

I have also been by the old house, ususally at night since that's when my babies are out playing the most, and have walked around calling for them and again nothing.

I haven't posted any signs as I did this with my other cat in the past and it never turned up anything. My kitty's are tabby so they look like most other cats. But after all this, my sister and I are going to post signs in the new and old neighborhoods.

We have contemplated bringing the cats inside for good but I don't know if that would be selfish or good. My cats love the outdoors and I would hate to take that away from them instead of letting nature run it's course. But on the other hand, bringing them inside would keep them safe alllowing them to live long lives (God willing.) I just worry if I took that away from them after knowing "the great outdoors" if they would still be happy.

I want to do what makes them happiest not what makes me happiest.

I just want my babies back. This one looks like my momma kitty.
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I understand EXACTLY what you are going through and my sympathy and prayers are with you and those precious kitties.

Unfortunately we are going through something similar. After bringing Yoshi (neutered male) home, and him being home for 3 days, he got out early this morning and hasn't been seen since. I have been out calling for him all day, and so far nothing.

If it makes you feel any better, our other cat, Sunshine, went out one day in January, and came back almost 3 weeks later, much to our surprise and delight, after freezing temperatures for over half the time she was gone.

Posters can't hurt. That is what we did. We didn't have a picture of Sunshine so we scoured the net and found as close a match as we possibly could and used it.

I hope your babies come home. And I hope Yoshi didn't try to find his way back to his old home (some 360 miles away)

Lotsa Prayers and hope,

Jennifer Mommy to Sunshine, and Yoshi
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I am hopeful that my George and Bailey will come back. Bailey was the momma and the smartest (I should really say wisest) I know if she's alive, she has to be stuck at someone's house because she is so friendly I could see why someone would keep her. The only frustrattion that I have is my cats are very well cared for and that is apparent in their appearance. If someone did keep her they must be first time cat parents because it is obvious they belong to someone.

George was missing when we first moved after the house fire for a month and came back. I am trying to keep a positive attitude. George isn't friendly to strangers so I'm not worried that someone has him, just that he has been hurt.

And Iggy...I'm really worried about him. I came upon a cat in the road near our house. It had been hit and ran over so many times that it's face was no longer recognizable. The fur and the little spots on the cat's paws looked like Iggy's but I'm not sure because the coat in the back looked darker but that could have been caused by car oil. I couldn't bring myself to investigate further as the cat was really beyond recognition. It was a lump of fur with three paws that was about 3 inches thick and flat in some areas.

A lot of this is therapy for me. I guess I need some support and reassurance from people who are cat lovers like me.

I have lost my father, grandfather, two really special realtives, 2 dogs and now 4 cats, and everything I owned in a house fire by age 23. I'm scared to see what happens by age 30!

At least if they are in heaven, they have plenty of company!
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You poor thing!!! You are breaking my heart!!! I know that many times cats do come back after being missing for several weeks, so it is still very possible, don't give up!!

I can see how much you love your kitties. After losing so much in your life I would really consider if I were you to keep your animals inside permanently from now on. I know you worry that after being let out for so long, that they will be upset. I had three cats that I used to let out and one of them went missing. We discovered that he had been run over by a car and from then on my other two were no longer allowed out!! They tried to get out for a while and maybe they were a littled miffed about it, but not as much as you would think. The adapted and were very happy and cared for and I made sure I gave them lots of toys and played with them. Although neither of my babies are with me anymore, they both lived very long and happy lives. It is worth it, believe me!!!! If you still don't like the idea of it, then perhaps if you get a new kitty some day you will try it differently and you both will be happy and worry free. I think we owe it to our animals to keep them safely indoors. I definitely learned this the hard way.

I will pray for you and your babies!!! Keep us all posted.

Best of luck!!

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:angel2: Dear Angela :angel2:

I'm so sorry to read these horrible things that you're going through. I know what it is like to lose two kittys in the course of three days ...they never came home...no trace of them... Just recently, someone here at the site had their kitties leave their house and they were very worried to the wits end too. But, the only thing about those cats were there were two kittens and the mommy. They did return after a few days. Perhaps the kitties went exploring together...this may be a possibility.

I don't know what to say, I do share your pain, I know how horrible this hurts you and I'm so sorry you have to go through this. You sound like a very good Mommy to your cats and deserve their love; not this anxiety. I just pray that they'll come home safe to you.

You'll be in my thoughts and prayers...

Love, Peace &
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Dear Angela :angel2:

I was just reading up on some cat behaviour when I came across this site...At the very top of the page's left hand corner you'll see the page is entitled "What to do if your cat gets lost -by Feline Future"...
please take a look, it may help ...

Thinkin of ya,

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That is GREAT advice Cat.. Thank you for posting the link. Yoshi came home last night after my husband put the cat carrier out on the front porch. He'd spent quite a lot of time in it so it was full of his scent. I guess he got a little disoriented and smelled his way home.

We are going to invest in collars and tags for both of our kitties or just decide to keep them both indoors permanently.

I hope your precious kitties come home!

Best wishes and lots of prayers,
Jennifer, Mommy to Sunshine and Yoshi
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I am so happy Yoshi came home! I am going to have some signes made up this weekend that I planned on putting on every doorstep within the surrounding blocks and nearby pet stores and vets. I have been keeping up to date on the the found ads and already have a a lost cat ad going. I appreciate everyone's support. It really means a lot to me.
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:angel2::daisy: Hi Jennifer :angel2::daisy:
I am so happy!!!!! I'm in tears...awwwwwwww...oh, the relief I feel for you is wonderful!!

Thank God!!!

Now you have your chance of a lifetime to keep these babies that you love so much with you as long as possible. I know they want to go outside. Mine do the same. I risk losing them everyday, but I have taken some precautions, ie: tags, registering them with the humane society, things like that. I'm going to look into that device that is implanted under their skin. I'd like to get more info on that. I live in a small community, but I told you that about two years ago, two of them disappeared on me...I have been most fortunate since. I pray that whatever happened will never repeat itself. My kitties stay very close to my home, they're very content with the lawn, the trees, and of course the roof! :laughing2....

Now we should concentrate on helping Angela's babies return safely...prayers are always heard....

Love, & Peace
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I am actually in the process of getting the cats microchipped. The cost is anywhere from $35-50 to get the chip implanted plus about $8-10 to register your cat with the micrichipping service. They recommend you have it done when they are under during a teeth cleaning or if they are already scheduled for surgery as this alleviates any discomfort. However, the vet compared the discomfort level of getting the device implanted to getting a TB shot. Since the device is small, they use a needle to implant it and it takes just seconds.

I have to say that this device has saved our dog more than a few times. When we first got him we hadn't realized what an escape artist he was! Every time he got out, people called the microchip company and we got him right away! One time the person who found him brought him to the pound (because he got his collar off) and they scanned him an called us! Since then he hasn't gotten out too much but it definitely paid for itself and gave me peace of mind! P.S. If you ever get an Akita-please note they are VERY good at escaping in even the smallest of places! Especially when they are puppies!

Downside to this, is if they lose their collars it won't prevent someone from keeping them but if they end up going to the pound, they scan every incoming animal - even if it's DOA.

You can get these either at the your local shelter or your vet. I would imagine the shelter would be cheaper but it probably depends on the area and your vet.
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Thanks Angela :angel2:

This is great news...now, I have to start saving for all four...but, like you said, it pays for itself...(my vet's so expensive...ugh)

Still thinkin' about ya :angel2:

Love, Peace &
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Jennifer -

That is such amazing news!!!! :angel2:

That was a terrific idea to leave the pet carrier outside. Anything with a strong scent of your kitty would be the most helpful tool in them finding their own way home. So glad you decided to keep them inside permanently. Believe me, they will adjust after a while.

Actually, when one of my kitties got lost, he finally came home after a couple of weeks, and never wanted to go out again!!! He was really scared. He would go outside, but would only stay on our deck and not go any further!!

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I have always heard to keep an indoor/outdoor cat inside for a couple of months after a move so that he can get used to his new surroundings. I did jsut that with my older cat, and he wandered off anyway. I found him after 2 weeks, but his outside days were over. In my latest house, my cats have access to an open-air courtyard and a screened porch. That will have to do.

Keep looking, especially in your old neighborhood, if its close. When I got word through posted signs of my lost cat's whereabouts, it still took 2 trips to the place before I actually found him there.

Also, try leaving out a pice of clothing that is strong with YOUR scent (like a t-shirt after a sweating workout).

I hope your missing babies find their way home.
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