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2004 Summer Olympics

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Okay... I know it is early... Still Winter. But I can't wait until the Summer Olympics gets here. It is going to be held in Athens Greece this year, and I bet that security there is going be the tightest it's ever been...... I hope that it is televised because I love the swimming trials and the gymnastic trials and everything else about it. Is anyone else going to be glued to their television sets watching it? or does it make a difference to You? DO TELL.
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I will be glued to it whenever gymnastics is on, I loooooooove gymnastics!
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I guess I lead a pretty small life, because
I can't wait for the Olympics to begin so I
can watch all the various events. I think I
enjoy swimming and diving most of all.

Daisy Perky
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I love watching the Olympics!
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I guess I'm a pretty Canadian girl. My favourite olympic sport is ice hockey and I just LOVE the Winter Olympics. The summer ones are good but I love watching almost every sport in the winter ones and I can only think of a couple summer sports that I like. But the Olympics are always fun to watch and I have to say... GO CANADA!
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I enjoy the synchronize swimmming competition and decathlon.
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Go Australia in the swimming!

Ok....really, this is what I will be doing, studying, maybe working, more studying and ignoring the world outside.

And heaven help the terrorist that tries to do anything to prevent me from graduation.
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I like gymnastics and swinning too! What is it about those two sports that is fun to watch???

I like the opening ceremony the most though. I like watching all of the teams waving thier flags in thier country's uniforms
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I am super excited about the games this year!! I am right with ya! I will be glued to my tv just as much! I think I'll be recording with my Snapstream software (www.snapstream.com) that my husband works for because I know I can't sit there and watch it all day! I have to get the best parts though!!
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