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Kitten update

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I guess I better bring you up to speed on my Walmart kitties. three of them tested positive for FeLV. The vet was going to put them down for me, but one of the techs said she would take them. Her Aunt cares for at-risk kitties. I know there is no cure for this awful disease, but if these kittens can have quality of life for even a few years, then I pray for the best. Now I need to go and scrub out my cat room with bleach. Thank God they were the only occupants at the time.
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That's so sad Hissy... But if they have some years of quality life, with a loving person, that will be good...

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That is so sad! I was feeling like a heel when I read the original post, because I never take home those kitties in boxes. Now I'm glad I don't let myself get carried away because I wouldn't want to put my other 2 at risk. I would be just dumb enough to let them frolic freely without quarantine.
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I'm so sorry the poor babies have FIV. But I'm happy to hear that they are going to have a home, and experience love for however long they have on this earth.

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I forgot to say it, but 'you done good' by these kitties.

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