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Can cats overfeed? Possible abandonment

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So I went to a neighboring apartment today because they're working on it, just to check it out. The owners moved out on Saturday/Sunday.

There were two cats left in the apartment (a year old?). I don't know if someone is supposed to be taking care of them, but they had no food and no water left. The apartment was cleaned out, save two litter boxes.

I only had a few minutes with them because the superintendent was closing up the apartment, so I dumped a large amount of Hill's kitten food and some water into the bowl. They'll have to take care of themselves until we figure out what the deal on the owners is. When I put the food in, the cats nearly freaked out with excitement.

Is there anything I should be concerned about? (rationing their food, etc...)
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At least they have food and water- depending on how much you gave them they should be okay for a few days. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE! How can they just move and leave their cats behind?
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All I know is that at shelters if there is an animal that hasn't been fed they have to feed a little bit at a time, I think maybe so they don't make themselves sick? I am not quite sure, hopefully someone else knows. At least they have food, that is wonderful of you!
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OK, Murphy's Law

Just as I was putting more food up there, the woman for the apartment shows up. She was like, "thank you, thank you" etc..., etc...

I guess they're keeping the cats there until they're moved into the new place.

Still, the bowls were bone-dry and the litterboxes were full. I hope they're a bit better than that with the cats under normal circumstances.
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Try and forgive them a little - moving can be a pretty big hassle for people. Keeping the cats in one place OR the other, during the move, is not so bad an idea, all things considered (though I hope they DO take them soon!). I imagine they are hoping to set things up somewhat in the new place like it was in the apartment, then take the cats to the new place and at least the cats will have the scents and arrangement of furniture that will be familiar -- and all the closing and opening of doors of moving, will be over. If the cats go outdoors, it would be VERY important that the owners keep them IN for at least a couple of weeks after the move, otherwise, cats try to run home.

It's real good of you to help ensure the cats are fed and watered!!
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When I moved I kept Dori at the old apartment in the bedroom with the door shut, but only for the day. Of course she had a clean litter box, food, water, and toys in there. It is hard when moving because usually the outside door gets left open to make it easier moving things in and out. My cat is strictly and indoor kitty so I didn't want her to run outside. But I can't imagine someone allowing their cats to run out of food and water. Even if it is more convienent for them to leave their cats at the old place for a few days, it would seem that it would be very important for them to make sure they have food. I am sure they wouldn't stick their kids somewhere for a few days without food! I also hope that they take better care of them on a daily basis.
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Yeah, it's fine to have the cats in their own space during a move, but it was a bit upsetting to come into an empty apartment (dust everywhere, leftover moving garbage) and find two cats with bone-dry bowls. I don't know when the last time was that the owner was there, but judging from the cat's reaction to me and the overflowing litter boxes, it must have been a few days.

I know cats will sometimes go through their food quicker than expected, but I still think they were being somewhat careless and it bothers me to think about all of the animals that you *don't* see.
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Maybe the owners are coming back for them since they left the litter boxes, I don't know how someone could leave them trapped in an apartment. If they were not coming back for them I would hope they would have at least let them outside so they could have a chance at finding food. That was great of you to feed them, if it was me I would have to check back everyday to see if they were still there and give them more food. If there are maybe you could contact a shelter.
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Yeah, there is no excuse for abandoning your pets. When I moved last, I boarded my cat until I was done moving.
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