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Newt is a GIRL. She's a very active 8 year old girl who's probably got at least another 10 years of life, if not much more. She does not show her age at all as she is very playful, not skiddish at all and very loving. She purrs constantly and LOVES kids. Her currently family includes several young kids who love to play with her, but sadly are allergic to her. The adult male in the family is allergic to the point where poor Newt has to be kept in the basement. Although she's very unhappy and is craving attention and someone to play with, she has no behavior problems. She's 100% with the litter box, four paw declawed, spayed and microchipped. If you decide to adopt Newt, included are all of her belongings including a litter pan, food bowls, two beds and lots of extras. We want her to be comfortable and to be happy in her new home.

If you can help Newt or know someone who can, feel free to PM me for her owner's information.