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I miss you guys!

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I think I haven't posted anything on the forums in weeks and weeks! I do come by and read when I can but life got pretty crazy for me lately

The kids are both sick. Ron (2 years old) has got some weird throat/upper repiratory infection that simply won't go away. He's been on antibiotics for weeks now and everytime we stop, his fever goes up again. He just finished a 10 days course 3 days ago, and last night he came down with a fever again so far "only" up to 102. He coughs so bad it's scary. And he's got an eye infection to boot.

Dan (3 months old) is on antibiotics for almost 10 days now. An episode of low fever, a very high white blood cells count and a chest x-ray led the doctors to diagnose pneumonia a week ago which is pretty scary for such a small baby. Then a couple of days later his urine sample came back with e-coli. And this week, a second urine culture came back positive with e-coli again the doctors are worried about his kidneys, as UTI's at his age can quickly go up from the bladder to the kidneys. We're seeing different urologists about this to see what kind of tests need to be run.

On top of that, I'm being taken to court in a liabel suit The lawyer says I'm bound to be equited, but the trial could take a while... Just what I needed right now...

That's my life right now... And with trying to keep the sites going and the home... *sigh* I just have no time to post at all...

Going to check on the kids now. Both are asleep (it's the afternoon over here) but Ron was breathing so badly and I need to check on his temperature.
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Oh my gosh.... all that is a scary experience, specially when its a small child Lots of healing vibes through Express mail! And I presume the last thing you need is a law suit. You are in our prayers. Oh, and don't worry about the site's well being in your absence. With the kind of members and mod squad it has, it is in good hands.

Hey! 300 posts! Yay!
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OMG Anne what a nightmare your having!!.

Sending your kids get well soon vibes and a boost of energy for yourself!.

Susan(And a headbutt from Rosie!)
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I hope everyone's feeling better, sorry you're having such a bad time of it. Hope things look up soon
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Anne~I hope the boys get to feeling better soon! I will be praying for you and them--hope all goes well for you sweetie!
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Hope everything goes okay with the new tests Anne - thinking about you.

(Victor - well done chatterbox!)
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I will be keeping you and your precious children in my thoughts, and sending major "get well soon" vibes for them!
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Oh no! That is a terrible thing for both your kids - I hope they get better really soon.

And that is also awful about the lawsuit, I hope it gets thrown out of court.
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Sending get well wishes to both kids, and hopes for a high energy level to you! Sorry to hear things have been so hectic for you.
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Thinking of you, Anne, and sending lots of positive vibes for your various stresses. Hope the boys are over their bugs very soon, and the legal stuff isn't any more of a hassle than it already is.
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It's always hard when little kids are sick. I'm sending them both lots of get well quick vibes. You really have a lot of stress right now, so please take good care of yourself too!
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So sorry to hear about the children and the suit. It must be so stressful. I hope my prayers for the boys' good health and yours too will help in any way.
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I hope the boys feel better soon. It's so hard when they are sick and there isn't anything you can do for them. I know my kids think I can fix anything so I feel awful when I can only comfort them.
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Anne, so sorry to hear about your two boys. I hope they feel better soon, Lots of (((healing vibes))) to them and lots of hugs to you and hubby. Hang in there!

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Sending out warm healing vibes to your boys Anne.

I do hope they show signs of improvement soon and the questions you have get answered.
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When it rains it pours doesn't it Anne?? ((HUGS)) Sorry to hear about your sick kiddies....I know how hard it can be..I got 4 kids and 4 kitties...Hope everyone starts feeling better soon, and give us an update on your boys and after the visit to the urologist(sp?)Cheers!
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We miss you too, Anne! And I am praying for the boys to get better!
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Thank you everyone!

Ron is still quite sick - fever and a cough. He's on stronger antibiotics now so he's also quite weak. The doctor says that Dan is over the pneumonia but we're still not finished with the UTI. The kidney ultrasound doesn't show any damage to the kidneys for now, so we convinced the doctor to let us try another regular urine test before they get a catheter into him (which in itself can cause infection). We'll bring in the sample on Sunday morning. I'll let you know when we get the results.
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Ahhhh-Anne! I hope things keep getting better!
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Sending you all Get-well-soon vibes and prayers and hope the kids get well real quick.

AS for the lawsuit I too hopes you will win if not acquited all together.

You are missed here Anne. {{{Hugs all around}}}
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