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TCS anonymous

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I was thinking that maybe I need to get help for my serious addiction, the only problem is I can't seem to find a support group for TheCatSite.com addiction.


I must have a TCS fix at least 4 times a day.

ALL my hotkeys are TCS linked.

I go into withdrawal when my cable modem is on the blink.

At the petstore, I look for other people buying cat supplies and ask them if they have heard of TCS. (this really happened at PetCo yesterday).

I just wanted to say that you are all soooo great

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Hi. My name is Cheryl and I'm a TCS-aholic.

I've decided I don't want a support group because they are supposed to STOP your addictions! I like my addiction to TCS!
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My name is Susan, and i'm also addicted.

At work my screen is never off as it's part of my job to put orders onto the computer, but TCS has been added to my daily duties, so it goes as follows:

1.Type and order on to the screen.

2.Check TCS for any replies or new threads.

3.Type an order on to the screen etc etc......

Alter my routine and i quit!!!

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Hopefully, we'll be able to offer you some merchandise soon - shirts etc with the great slogans you all came up with in the contest! I'm thinking nifty designs with lots of kitties. That way you can both show your love to cats and help promote this site
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Hello, my name is Heidi and I have been seriously addicted since the day I signed up, going on 2 years ago. Not that you can tell from my post count or anything.

When I went to the cat show last weekend, I brought my TCS tote for some free advertising.
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Good thinking Ann and Heidi!.

I'm going to The Supreme Cat Show in november, so a bit of advertising wont do any harm!!

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Hello, my name is Cindy, and I too am a TCS addict. I have also succeeded in leading my beloved husband Charlie here and caused him to become addicted too. Such a great place, and nice people who love kitties--feels like a large family or small community to me !
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Hello, my names Alexis and I also have a serious addiction to TCS.
I like my addiction too cheryl, not looking for a cure!
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Did anybody wonder why "TCSsüchtig" = "TCS-addicted") is right under my name? I, too, need my daily "fix"!
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Hello, my name is Mary Anne and I feed my addiction daily and nightly. Not that you couldn't tell... Three days of no computer led to shakes and mood swings such as I have never experienced before. I found myself doodling on paper LOL ROTFL and the initials TCS over and over. I guess I am just hopeless- I've fed this addiction a long time-
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I've got my future title: Adicto a TCS (Adict to TCS).

Everyone: Hello Mary Anne.

Hello, my name is VÃ:censor:ctor, and I bumped into TCS a month ago while fleeing as a refugee from a bunch of forum fights and vendetas, and got hooked the first day I entered. Not that you can tell by my name of posts.

Now, I enter withdrawals when I haven't entered it enough times, and have got even more addicted to its IMO section.
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Hi. My name is Fran, and I'm a TCS addict. But I don't want a cure, either -- GREAT ZOT, NO! At least a couple of hits a day -- more if I can manage it, and usually last thing before bed. So, if you read a post that sounds dumber than usual, check the time on it -- I may have been murmuring "gottagotabedgottagotabed..." for a while.
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My name is Kate and i'm a TCS-oholic! i love it here and whenever i have E-commerce class on fridays i am on the forums instead of doing my work! however, it turns out my teacher is a cat fanatic, so i've recommended this place to her! i'm always here when i'm at home too, my housework is seriously suffering and dinner is now always late (just kidding)
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