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Odd litter behavior

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Tonight my cat pooped right outside the box. I realized I hadn't scooped it today and I am pretty sure it's just cause it wasn't clean. BUT then I cleaned it and put new litter in, and brought him to it so he would see that. And then he started to pee right next to the box, with me right there. It was weird, I clapped my hands and he jumped up and then I put him in the box and he went in the box. He seems fine otherwise, is eating and playing. He has always used the box fine so I am sure it's not going to last. But why would that be happening? I am worried I am going to come home from work tomorrow and find a surprise when I walk in.
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marge to play it safe he really needs a vet visit, this is a common occurance for cats that are coming down ill.
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MA : I totally agree a check-up is in order - he could very well be coming down with something!
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Thanks I will. I also feel he is adjusting to living indoors again. He was on the streets abandoned for months apparently. He used the box today. But I wonder if all this is confusing for him. He wants outside in the worst way a lot of the time. I have let him out on supervised walks with me. But we arehaving storms lately and so that isn't happening. So he sits by the door. I have been playing with him and I kinow that helps, but he still wants out.
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There is also a litter called CAT ATTRACT - maybe that could also help. But this litter by no means replaces a through check by your Vet!
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Also, make sure the area is cleaned well. The scent could be drawing him back. But don't use an ammonia based product. That will mimic the scent of the urine.
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I think most of it was the fact it wasn't clean. I am usually really good about scooping it but got distracted. I am just always amazed what clean animals cats are.
Plus he won't bury his stuff, which I think has to do with his living outdoors so much.
So the top layer gets full pretty quick.

Can I try modeling for him burying? I mean he never buries and I feel like he probably didn't get to see him Mom do it.
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Yes, a vet's clean bill of health for your cat is
DEFINATELY in-order!
If the cat's o.k., then we go to plan #2.
Answer this in you mind. When u stop to use the bathroom at a filling
station(not all!), smells pretty bad, doesn't it? Well we all know
that a cat has a more sensitive nose than us. If he has a litter box that isn't quiet clean enough( they're picky!), the cat won't use it,
or if the cat doesn't approve of the feel of the litter on its paws,
again, the cat won't use his litterbox!
Good luck and hope it's not a medical problem----persia
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