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Almost Died Laughing!!

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GEE!! I was cleaning the litterboxes out and put the plastic bag (partially filled with used litter) on the ground while I went to get something else and when I turned back, I saw Pepper sticking her head into the bag. Without thinking, I hollered at her scaring her and she took off! Now the thing is, the handle of the bag got caught around her head so that made it even worse! I went after her to try to get her out of the bag but she outran me and by the time I got to th eliving room, she had ripped the bag to pieces! Luckily, she's okay! Just JUMPY (the other cats were very jumpy also! Buddy and Spike's tails were all puffed up!)

I will NEVER leave another bag on the floor (NOT EVEN FOR A SECOND- that's what happened tonite!) I still laugh when I think of Pepper and how she acted... It was soo funny though!!!!!

Luckily most of the litter was still in the bag so I didn't have to do MAJOR cleaning on the carpet..
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OMG! I was going to ask you what it took to clean up the spilled litter!! LOL

Thanks for the laugh tonight!!
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that sounds like something that would happen to me. While Willow would be the one running around with the bag caught on her, and she'd be panicking with every second, Buffy would be quite different. If I say "Get out of there!" (in a panicky voice) she'll just sit right down in the little and give me a look that clearly says, "Why don't you come and *beep*ing make me?!" lmao! Or, she'd sit down and give me the sweetest look that clearly says, "Who, me?"
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I started laughing as i read this, because i had this picture of litter being all over the house!!.

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I have to hang onto the bag, when I'm scooping. Rowdy will climb in and make one last "deposit", before the litter is thrown away. Barring that, she will jump into the box, as I'm scooping or while I'm pouring more litter in.
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Whenever we put new litter, as soon as one of the cats see it, the first thing he does is "test it".
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LOL thanks for the story....\t
yoviher at home my mom has the same issue with our kitty Peanut...she goes in and walks all over and digs a tad then walks out...silly kitties!!!
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I've got another issue: Tom rarely covers her "deposit", but as soon as Saladina sees it she starts covering it like saying "geesh! Am I the only feline with a sense of hygiene here?"
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LOL...we had a kitty when I was a kid that would find a washcloth until we made sure she didnt have access to any, and would "Cover up" her stuff with them...we kept her indoors because it was winter and we found her pregnant....well, a family friend took her in, and low and beholdher kittens followed suit...my uncle saw this once (one of the kittens carrying a washcloth to the cat pan) and said "...let me guess...that's one of Fluff's kids" I almost died laughing. We wound up throwing a lot of washcloths away...and it was hard to keep them away from her....she would hunt for them!!!

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LOL. I love the "washcloth" story - I wonder where she got that idea?
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We have no idea...perhaps her mother taught her too...she didn't get it from any of our cats! She did it even though we changed every cat pan once a day (sometimes more) and even when we would hide the wash cloths...if she absolutely couldnt find a washcloth...she would settle for something else...like a dirty sock from the hamper...it was hard to keep her from EVERYTHING. Her new owner doesnt keep her litter pan in the bathroom with the washcloths and kitty is not allowed in the basement laundry room, but this would have been hard for my mom with four kids and other kitties besides.
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