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This is Peppy's fav position to be in. It makes my heart MELT whenever she does this and she KNOWS it. I tend to stop whatever I'm doing when I see her doing this and go pet and cuddle her!

Another pic-

She LOVES to play with the chenille string.. Often, when I get in bed and start sleeping, , she'd jump up on the bed dragging the chenille teaser and drop it on my chest, hand or face, put her paw on my hand or chest and wait for me to play with it for her. Often, I am a sucker, end up playing for about 15 min then finally go to sleep.

I was experimenting with the dig cam and this turned out cool..

here's a pic of Pep posing..

Another one of her posing-
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Aaaawww you have some gorgeous baby's .
I can't believe I almost missed this thread .
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THANKS for the compliment!!

Here's some more pics..

In this pic, u can see Zeb is staring at Buddy's tail..

Here's a close up of Zebra's face!

I happened to catch Zebra in middle of one of her yawns!!

After she realized I caught her yawning, she hid her face in shame!

A great pic of Zebra..
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Recently I bought an ottoman for me since I have bad knees-hurts if I keep my legs bent for long times. WELLL, now Buddy and I have to fight for the ottoman since he THINKS it's HIS!

Sometimes, we'd compromise and he'd sleep on my legs while I have my legs propped on the ottoman.. U can see how big/long he looks all stretched out on my legs!

As I was taking a pic of Buddy, he decided to rear up on my legs and ck the cam out so it was a closeup of his face!

He loves to lay in the sun, groom and sleep..

Here's a GREAT pic of him enjoying the sun..

That's it for tonite folks! Sorry there were soo many!! I just HAD to share them with u guys.
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Oh Pamela.. I love all these pics!!! I have never seen your babies look more beautiful! Love the wrestling ones.. looks just like my monsters And I love the demon cat yawning one of course
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Those are all fantastic pics!!!!!! I especially love the pics of Spike and his claws, and Pepper's adorable belly roll, but of course, everyone is soooo gorgeous.

Thanks for the beautiful kitty pics fix!
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What wonderful pictures! You have such cute kitties!
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Sicycat, Superkitty and loverly7,

Thanks for the compliments!! Of course I agree with u- my furbabies are GORGEOUS! I think I am improving in how to take pics so I am pretty darn proud of myself! Having GORGEOUS models helps a lot too.

Sicycat, I couldn't believe my luck in finally capturing one of my furbabies in their "demon cat" disguise on camera! Thought of u immediately..

Superkitty- same here I LOVE Peppy's belly roll. She knows it too! She'd be in that pose and be staring at me the whole time upside down. It's really cute.

Speaking of Spikey's claws, u should see my left hand! He ripped it up pretty good. It's my fault of course.. I was holding him in my arms and decided to tease him a bit by scratching him on his belly. He is okay with his belly being scratched for a SHORT time. I did it longer than he liked so he started rabbit kicking my hand and tore my hand pretty good. I'll live!
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Great pics!!!
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OMG I really needed to laugh today and seeing Buddy and Pepper following behind Zebra (great name by the way) just made my day Thanks
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