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my cats!!

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I took some new pics and wanted to share with u!
Buddy has become OBSESSED with this string.. He'd walk around dragging it in his teeth, and when I'm laying on the couch watching tv or reading, he'd jump up on the couch, drop the string on my face (VERY SUBTLE HINT TO WAVE IT AROUND FOR HIM!) then will hop around trying to catch the string as I wave it. Whenever I drop it on the floor, he'd pick it up, jump up on the couch and drop it on me to start playing again!

I will be posting several pics of Buddy with the string then some other pics of my 3 other gorgeous cats.
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Another pic of Buddy with the string. When I'm not home, I have to hide the string to be safe and when I get home I pull the string out of the hiding place and let Buddy play with it all nite.
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Another pic of Buddy with the string..
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another pic
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I love these pics
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sometimes I'd wrap the string around his tail and he'd chase his tail around trying to catch the string. It'd have me laughing my head off. Unfortunately, after a few times, he figured how to get the string off the tail FAST so I can't watch him chase his tail long anymore!

I also sometimes would drape the string on his head and watch him try to get the string off his head.. It's really funny to watch.
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Last pic of Buddy with the string! The next few pics will be of my other cats!
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LOVED this pic- I didn't INTEND to take this pic - just happened as I clicked the camera.. Pepper decided to jump over Buddy...
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That's too cute! I love the ones w/it on his head.
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This is a pic of Pepper butting in during Buddy's playtime. Pepper LOVES to butt in and push other cats away from whatever toys I'd be using to play with....

It's WEIRD cuz she's the YOUNGEST and the SMALLEST but I think she's the ALPHA cat cuz she eats first and the other cats tend to back off when she comes running to play even if THEY were there first!
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Pepper catching the string while Buddy walks off in disgust!
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I draped the string on Zebra.. She started walking and to her surprise, Buddy and Pepper were FOLLOWING VERY CLOSELY! She wasn't sure if she liked that! Kept looking at them then walked faster, looked again, walked a bit faster, etc..

Not sure if u can see the string on her (it's a blue string)..

She probably was thinking "WHAT THE HECK ARE THEY LOOKING AT MY BUTT FOR!?!"
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A pic of Zebra going into the bedroom with the string still on her and see how OBSESSED Buddy is with that STRING!! GEE!! Buddy just COULDN'T take his eyes off the string!
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Here's some pics of Spike!! He wasn't too crazy about playig with the string while I had the camera so I couldn't take any pics with him playing with the string..

I think these pics turned out good though! Spike got into some mischief by himself!

He is ripping that wicker bed to pieces day by day!

He also LOVES to chew on cardboard boxes, etc!!

The other day, I came home and found towels all over my apt (towels were dragged from the bathroom into the living room, kitchen, hallway AND BEDROOM!) Spike for some reason likes to drag towels, blankets and sheets around using his teeth. DON'T ask me why! I've asked him a zillion times WHY in the world he likes to do that and he won't dignify my questions with an answer!
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Here's a pic of Spike grooming himself on top of the entertainment center. Dunno if he knew I was REALLY watching TV and NOT him grooming himself....
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LAST pic for tonite!! Here's me giving Spike some love by scritching him under his chin as he watched Callie (outside feral) outside..
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Your babies are just soooooo gorgeous!! Great pics!

Just realized that you have a Buddy and Spike! My Sam's original name was Buddy (he still answers to it), but we changed it to Sam cause we have a Muddy in the house. His brother is Spike. Small world!! Great names!!
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They are all so lovely and wonderfully crazy! What is it about strings, anyway? Fawn has a string that she obsesses over, and we play some of the same games with her. The others don't care one way or the other. Go Figure!
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Awwww their little beauties
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THANKS FOR ALL THE COMPLIMENTS! I agree totally that they all are GORGEOUS and CLEVER and my opinion is totally unbiased!
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You have some great looking kitty cats.......love the black one
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I love your cats!! Gorgeous babies. THERE's Buddy and that famous (infamous) string, LOL! That is just too hilarious what they'll get fixated on.
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Great pictures and beautiful kitties Pamela!

Buddy, Pepper, Spike, Zebra
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they are so pretty pamela!
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THANKS for all the compliments u guys!!

Buddy has now taken to bringing the string to me whenever I'm on the computer.. In the past, he'd drag it over and sit hunched over the string at my feet waiting for me to notice him looking pitifully at the string then wave it around for him. A couple nights ago, while I was on the computer, Buddy got fed up with waiting and jumped up on the desk with the string in his teeth and proceeded to walk over to my computer keyboard and draped the string over my hands!!! I don't know if that's a BIG hint or what but I ended up turning computer off and playing with him and other cats as he demanded!

Am I a slave to these cats or what???
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Pam, I just adore your cats they are such charactors!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

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Great photos!
Thanks for posting so many photos of your beautiful cats!
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I borrowed a digital cam last weekend and was able to get some GREAT pics. I had a hard time deciding which to share so there are quite a few! Pls bear with me -guess I'm making up for not posting any pics for a lONG time!

In this pic, u'll see my gals all snuggled up to me and grooming each other on the couch. They sure don't leave much room for me on the couch huh??

Then they start wrestling..

Round 2 of wrestle a mania..

5 min break between the wrestle a mania..

Final round of wrestle a mania!!
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Spike decided he was in the mood to wrestle so he started in on Zebra!

Then later, Pep decided she wanted another wrestling match so she leapt on Zebra and started grooming/wrestling. It's really funny to see this SMALL cat half the size of Zebra being on top and "winning"! (I think Zeb allows Pep to THINK she is winning.. SHHHHHH)

Pep laying/sitting on top of Zeb- looks like she's saying "I'm on top of the world and I'm the QUEEN!" while Zeb cries "UNCLE! UNCLE!" or something like that!

Peppy decided to end the wrestling with some love so she started grooming Zeb again while one boy watched. (can't tell which boy it was from this pic!)
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Whenever I walk into my bedroom, Spike ALWAYS come running, leap on the cat tree, claw his way to the top then start "rabbit kicking" the post! It's really funny to watch!

He also would claw his way around the post in circles..

U can see his LETHAL claws in this pic!! Was he warning me of what he'd do if I took more pics??

Whenever I go into the bathroom to put on contacts, makeup or fix hair, I'd be looking in the mirror. Well, Spike ALWAYS jump up on the sill, walk over to where I'd be looking and block my view with his body then procced to rub his nose against my nose and do head bumps. I'd move my head to the left so I could see myself, he'd back his body up and continue to block my view.. I asked some TCS members why he'd do this and one theory is that in the cat world if someone is staring at someone else, that's considered a threat so Spike might see me staring at myself in the mirror and think that I'm being threatened and this is his way of "comforting" me. Isn't that a cute theory!!

In this pic, guess how many cats there are!?

Here are some GORGEOUS pics of Spike.

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