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black and white trouble

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We got a new cat a couple days ago (kid) and the resident cat (milo) is exhibiting dominant behaviour (2 neutered males, both 1 year old), but it sounds a little different than what I have read about. Milo stalks Kid and jumps on his back and bites his neck. Sometimes Kid will lie still and sometimes he will fight back a bit but he was a stray and is still communion wafer thin. If left, Kid will eventually run under the couch and Milo will lay waiting outside for him for ages. The strange thing is when Kid is safe on the table and Milo goes into the other room, Kid jumps down and follows him and then gets pounced on. Kid doesn't even seem very scared of Milo, it's just that Milo is wholly obsessed with Kid and does not do anything else but watch and attack him when he is around, and it's getting tiresome.

Any suggestions? would the vanilla trick I have been hearing about be of use here? Also, I have some info on a holistic remedy called "rescue remedy". It is a homeopathic treatment by a company called Bach that is supposed to calm the cat down and leave them "feline fine" (mine, sorry) Anyone used it?

TIA, Jacob
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If you put them together to quickly there will usually be confrontations. Hopefully you have had the new cat to the vet and got him checked over for any diseases. Is Milo neutered? If not, neutering him will help the situation. I would place the two cats apart and make their meeting gradual over the period of a week and not just expect them to get along right away.

Also invest in a Comfort Zone Room Diffuser by Farnum Pet to calm Milo down.
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