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My first emergency vet trip tonight

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I'll start off by saying everything is well.

My husband Steve took Spike (our puppy) out for a walk tonight. They were running back to the house when Spike tripped Steve and Steve landed on Spike with his full weight. I'm inside, and I start hearing Spike screaming at the top of his lungs outside. I run to the door and see Steve laying on the ground and he yells "go help Spike". I run out, see Spike under the patio table with a lot of blood on the ground, in his mouth and coming out of his nose. I crawl under the table and try to comfort him and of course he tries to bite me. In the mean time, Steve struggles to his feet and hops over to the table (he has twisted his ankle), tells me to call the emergency vet right away.

I run inside, have the vet paged, get some wet and dry towels to wipe away the blood to see what is going on. I go to run outside as Steve is walking in the house carrying Spike. I put Sam in his kennel (didn't want the confusion), Steve sits on the floor with Spike and I hand him the towels. Phone rings its the vet asking what is happening. We hadn't looked at him very long but he is shaking, bleeding from his nose and mouth and making a gurgling sound. Vet says meet him in 10 minutes. We throw on coats, grab more towels and drive like crazy to the vets office (10 minutes away).

Full examination on Spike reveals a bloody nose and probably just banged up and bruised from the tumble. He gives him a pain reliever shot and sends us home. Spike is sleeping like a log in his kennel.

We come home, somewhat embarrassed by paging our vet for a bloody nose, but feeling better that Spike is OK. I give Steve a pain reliever as he is far more banged up than Spike and will be limping for a few days I suspect.

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OMG! How scary!!!!! I got chills when I read made me panic just reading it! I'm so relieved to hear that Spikes ok & that is wasn't anything major. He's one lucky puppy!

Give lil Spike a hug from me....and go give that hubby of yours a hug too. I'm sure he felt awful about that!
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OMG how scary . I would have done the same thing . I am glad that both guys are ok . At least some good news . Better save then sorry .
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How scary! Glad everything is OK.
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That does sound really scary! You did the right thing and you shouldn't feel embarrassed.
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Thanks all! I was shaking until we got into the exam room and the vet fully opened his mouth and I saw that his jaw wasn't broken. We got him there so fast we didn't do a full exam ourselves so we weren't sure what we would find. Steve weighs 200 pounds, and said it happened so fast he didn't know what part of Spike he landed on when he fell. But to hear Spike's scream sent chills down my back like I've never had before.

My poor little Spikey boy. His brother Sam is very concerned about him and didn't even want to go outside for a walk cause he didn't want to leave him.

OK.....I can relax now....relax.....relax.....relax.....
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Wow ok you have a COOL vet. So glad everything is ok. Blood would have freaked me out too!!!
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WHOA!! I'm soo happy that BOTH are okay! The blood and the fact that someone fell on the puppy would've freaked me out too! It's better to be safe than sorry so I'm glad u rushed him to the vet...

Give ur poor hubby a hug and kiss and tell him we're also thinking of him!!
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WOW! What a relief that both guys are OK -- if somewhat shaken up! That certainly was a hair-raising tale. Hugs for both.
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Dont be embarrassed for paging the vet, i would have done the same.

Give Spike hugs and kisses and a hug for steve.

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OMG! You should definitely not be embarrassed! The blood definitely requires a trip to the vet. Just say a small thank you that it was just a bloody nose. Hope everyone recovers quickly (even you!)
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Spike slept soundly through the night without getting up to go walkies. For his first morning walk, he was a little scared about going outside, but we were more concerned that he would be afraid of Steve for a while. NOT! He was his little waggly self this morning (I love the puppy butt wiggle when they are happy to see us).

Other than sometimes scratching his nose on the ground and being a little tentative in playing with his brother, he seems fine this morning. I gave him the anti-inflamatory anyway so he feels better today. By his third walk outside this morning, he no longer is afraid to go out.

Steve on the other hand is limping badly. Pumped him up with Aleve and sent him off to work. I gave him big hugs from everyone and will probably spend a good part of the day sitting on the floor and cuddling with the pups.
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Well, I'm glad to hear that Spike is okay and being his normal self this morning, and hopefully Steve will get better soon too.
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Oh wow that sounded scary! Dont be at all embarrased, if I'd heard those screams(from the dog) or after knowing what happened, I'd have called the vet too! I hope both patients recover well!
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Thanks to everyone with your positive thoughts for Spike and Steve. Steve's ankle is feeling better tonight and he is hardly limping.

The left side of Spike's face is slightly swollen and his left eye is slightly watery and swollen. I suspect he feels like he got punched in his face last night and will be sore for a few days.

But he can't be feeling all that bad.....he figured out how to jump over the baby gates for the first time today. What a happy boy he was to learn that trick!
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Well, if he's jumping over baby gates, he's got to be feeling better! I'm SO GLAD everyone's healing and feeling better! Did you wrap Steve's ankle with an Ace bandage? Even though it doesn't hurt now, believe me (and I speak from experience with many ankle twists), it's really best if you wrap it up for a day or two. It really needs the extra support while the muscles heal or it'll either drag on or ache again in the future at little twists that normally wouldn't be a bother.

And re: the emergency trip to the vet? With blood in his mouth, there was no way to know whether it was from internal bleeding or not, so it really was best to go!!!!!! Don't EVER be embarrased for choosing "safe" over potentially "sorry"!!!!!!!!!!

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Ahhhh-hope they are both back to normal soon!
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Glad to hear that all has ended well. I would have been frantic.
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Well, all things may not be entirely well. His left eye and nostril has looked a bit odd since the accident and we were waiting for the swelling to go down to see if things would clear up (e.g just bumped or permanent damage). His left eye is slightly cloudy and his third eyelid is coming up just a bit. His left nostril looked like it was clogged. It's better than the day after the accident, but not entirely right.

Brought him back to the vet this morning. He has nerve damage to his face, which is causing his tear ducts and sinus cavity to not produce enough fluids. So he is on eye medication and a sinus spray for a few days then reassessment. The vet thinks that with his young age, there is a good possibility for it to heal on its own, but there might be permanent nerve damage.

Poor baby!!! Like my husband says "we broke our dog!". *sigh* I'm trying not to cry.

If anyone can send some nerve healing vibes to Spike, that would be greatly appreciated!
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Sending lots of healing vibes to little Spike!!!
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Poor little Spike...and poor little hubby. I am sending all of my get healthy vibes straight to Spike.
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Poor Spike! here come the vibes from here! *nerve healing vibes to spike*
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OMG! I hope Spike gets better soon, Lots of healing vibes to him.
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Here's mega nerve-healing vibes to Spike! Poor boy! But surely, with all the care and love you are giving him, he'll be fine in no time!
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