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X-Treme Games!

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I have enjoyed seeing all the great posted pictures and
posts on here and wanted to share what happened today.
I have been working diligently on the computer this afternoon
and all of a sudden I heard this loud tumbling noise
I ran to see what it was but just saw stuff strewn
about in the kitchen. It was the furkid! Savannah is running
all over, darting and playing with this foil ball, doing flips
and crashed into the 4 empty milk jugs I had
near the trash can! She needs to wear a helmet!

It's the X-Treme Kitty Games starting up again!
Do the sport stores make tiny knee pads and
helmets for himmys? This kitty is havin' fun!
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Our Gezer is like that... running amock and right into things, especially when he's playing with his sister He once ran bang boom into a glass window and cracked it (lucky he didn't crack his head )
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Tee heee
Eric does it all the time too! When he gets crazy he just runs all over the place bumping into everything!!!! It's such a fun to watch him!!! He often hits his little head in the table edge but it doesn't seem to bother him.
Crazy litlle furball!!!
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Whiskerkitty; Wouldn't it be "hysterical" to see Savannah in a little helmut and knee pads! :laughing2 My cats "Love" to chase foil balls. The funniest part is watching them try to put on their brakes before they come to the end of the hallway and crash into the door to the study! KABOOM
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