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Hello, bren.1! It's good to see you, too. Yes, indeed, a road trip would be very nice. Where might we go; and where, forum-wise, could such a thread be posted?

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Hi Joe! For a road trip even I'll come creeping out of the woodwork!
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Did someone mention..... ROAD TRIP?????????

*finishes packing bags and waits near the post office for Joe to swing by and pick me up*

*wonders what kind of transportation we'll have this time*

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A road trip, eh? Well, let me think on the matter for a couple of hours. Then I'll post a separate thread titled "Road trip" here in this forum. *gazes into crystal ball for road-trip inspiration*

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My most beloved memory of our dear Mr. Cat is his long-standing devotion to a food near and dear to American hearts.

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Deb25, you're a genius! Of course! A trip to the Spam factory! I should have thought of that myself. *begins research*

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Will there be a guided tour?
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*runs home and packs Spam t-shirt*

*has no idea what Spam is though... *

*waits for new thread*
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Hmmmm, that sounds interesting... road trip. I love that!

At TCS Compound in Catnip Island somewhere in the Caribbean:

Extra drinks were being served at the Cat Lounge, celebrating the return of Joe, who had been traveling through the world for a good while, until he received an invitation by Hissy and Deb25.

Everyone, was enjoying the time, and the older members of TCS were recalling old days, while newer members, like VÃ:censor:ctor were eavesdropping to get informed on what took place here before their arrival.

And just below the chandelier that lies on the center of the Lounge was a band of Jazz musicians brought from New Orleans, just for the specialty of the occasion.

And the cooks had brought a large wedding size cake reading "Welcome back Joe".

"Hissy, I don't remember of a shaving thread, but perhaps I may be reminded with a few clues. I do remember some traveling threads. thought". Joe said, just before drinking from his Cognac.

At that point Bren.1 mentioned "soon enough we will be ready for a road trip".

"Yes, a road trip would be nice, where could that be posted?" Replied Joe.

His words had barely left his mouth when Whisker's mom said "Did someone mention..... ROAD TRIP?????????" and immediately went running out of the lounge, upstairs and to her suite to start packing.

"A road trip, eh? Well, let me think on the matter for a couple of hours" said Joe while his mind started dabbling into where to go for a road trip.

Changing the subject of the conversation Deb25 came and said "My most beloved memory of our dear Joe is his long-standing devotion to a food near and dear to American hearts." while she put foward, showing everyone a can of SPAM.

"Deb25, you're a genius! Of course! A trip to the Spam factory! I should have thought of that myself." Replied Joe, while he was already planning to go to his suite to start researching where SPAM factory lied.

While everyone was already getting excited and talking about the road trip, ever quiet VÃ:censor:ctor, who was seating in the same table of the conversation thought a bit of how much he disliked SPAM, but as he finished his martini, he smiled and said "Well folks, let's get packing"!

When the party was over, in any given day people would be getting ready to sleep, but everyone was in their suites packing for the road trip, expecting they would be the firsts to be ready.

Okay, folks, I hope you like it

EDIT: I usually don't like SPAM, but I love it, when fried and when used as a condiment of another meal!
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Good job Victor!!!!

I believe.... this road trip will be filled with adventure, fun, and most of all laughter! (not to forget: Spam)
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Victor, thank you for issuing that news release about the goings-on in this thread! My telephone's been ringing off the hook since you posted, with requests for interviews from around the world--specifically those places where our previous road trips took us. A few of the callers mentioned something about a subpoena, whilst others whose languages I failed to completely understand swore long oaths which usually concluded with something along the lines of "And don't come back!"

Well, there's no pleasing everybody. I'm still hiding in my Think Room here, so give me a bit more time and I'll begin that other thread.

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Welcome back Joe! I've joined not so recent ago so you prob dunno me.
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Hi Joe!!!!

We definitely MUST have a road trip. Didn't some of the members get lost on the dragons somewhere in the south pacific?

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Hello, kateang! It's nice to meet you! And yes, Kiwideus, I fear we did lose track of a few tour members on that trip. But, bless them, they turned up at a saloon on Tahiti about six weeks later. The dragons have happily returned home, too.

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The road-trip thread has been started! You can get to it by clicking here!

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HI joe, good to see you back!

Love the tee shirt!
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It's good to see you, too, dtolle! Indeed, that's the best T-shirt I've ever had.

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OMG! MR CAT! How WONDERFUL of you to return to our little piece of heaven! You were the first one on here to make me blush! I've often wondered where you had wandered off to! I'm so glad they found you and returned you to where you belong!
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Hello, jugen! Now, tell me more about this blushing incident. What did I do? *wants to try again*

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LOL! You were the first one on here to say hello to me and you told me something which I thought was priceless! You said that I should watch out for these people, they are dangerous and will tell you things that are better left unsaid! I thought I was going to fall out of my chair when I read that. and well sadly, it was true! LOL! I love this place and I loved to read all your road trips and every post you made! you always knew how to make a girl laugh! LOL!
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Joe, I love your sig of "Diets are for wimps". It's a marvelous piece of wisdom But may I ask you a question... what's that logo on top of your sig supposed to mean? From what I can appreciate it seems as a football team.
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Well, jugen, maybe I was referring to the penchant some few but vocal members had--"had" being my hope--for saying the strangest things: "You'll burn in Hell, because you think thus-and-such is true," or "You should be taken out and shot as a traitor." As I recall, a lot of that sort of talk was taking place internet-wide last year at about this time; and it's taken all this while to subside.

Victor, that revolving letter "B" is my Rotating Björk Beacon. It's there as a welcoming lamp for any wandering Björk Guðmundsdóttir cognoscenti seeking like-minded netizens. Go see "Björk at Seattle" on my web site for a description of my close encounter with that Icelandic musician.

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Joe, I am afraid I was a victim of such talk.... I received a LOT of posts in other forums of "You ain't an American, why do you care about it?" or things among those lines. Of course, I had to then start teaching them some geography and say "Puerto Rico is (unfortunately) a U.S. territorry, dummy".

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I recall that sort of talk, Victor; and it wasn't pretty. Well, let's just hope chauvanism and jingoism have run their courses--at least here.

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Thats a B huh? OK if you say so. I remember reading some of your previous road trips but never got on any as I was always a day late and a dollar short as they say.

What day are we leaving so I don't miss the boat? The "kids" and I are ready and waiting. Looking forward to enjoying a good vacation with them and all the board.

Be there in a sec.
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Hello and welcome back
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Hermoine, we're leaving tomorrow! You've got plenty of time to get to the SPAM Museum (see "Road trip" thread) and relax a bit before our departure for parts unknown.

Thank you, chelle! It's nice to see you and to be back here.

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