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It's been quite a while since I've posted to this board, but TheCatSite.com has a special place in my heart because it was the first cat-related message board I joined. Ah, memory!

Indeed, you can see in that photograph an excellent "The Three Tenors" T-shirt I received from eltopsis. She won it in a contest on this board, but sent it to me. Bless her!

Thank you, Deb25 and hissy, for encouraging me to come back here. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw that invitation in the newsletter! Well, there I was; and here I am.

So! The cats whom I keep, Michaela Kristin and Tonya Robin, are in good health. Michaela is her usual princess self, whereas Tonya retains her Reubenesque figure. Later this year, when I start setting out "senior" cat food, Tonya will probably slim down a bit.

Web-wise, I spend time on various message boards and web logs. I'm a "global moderator" at another site, which is a wonderful title to have but it's rather an honorary one at this stage of my gilded retirement. It's probably akin to being a Kentucky Colonel, I should think.

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Hi Joe!

Well, Joey, for one, took an interest in either your return or the Three Tenors shirt. Hard to tell, really. But he did leap right up on my lap at the sight of this post.

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Welcome Back.. You sound like such fun in your previous posts. Glad to have ya back!

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Welcome back Joe!
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Good to see you Joe! And always nice to hear of the lovely Michaela and Tonya.
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nice meeting you
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Nice seeing Ya again Joe!!
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Thanks, everyone, for your kind and warm greetings! It's good to see all of you. I shall spend some time over the next few days wandering around the old neighborhood, taking in all the personnel and scenic changes, ooohing and ahhhing at the various improvements et cetera.

<---- I've missed this little gal. She's a hottie!

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Never met you before Joe, but i'm pleased to now!.

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Hi Joe!

Tee shirt looks good on you! Nice to see you in these parts again. Glad I flushed you out of the shadows! Miss your posts!
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Thank you both! It's good to meet people here. And yes, I'm rather fond of that T-shirt; and so are those who've seen it. I refuse to give it up, however.

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Welcome back! Nice to meet you, can't wait to read more of your posts.
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Well, being less than a month old to this place I don't remember you, but welcome! Looking foward to more of your posts!

As for me, I am 15 yrs old and a PBS mind on an MTV world At least that is how I feel, I am the only teenager in town who likes to dabble in political sciences, reads history and novels at his own will (not because the school is forcing him to) and doesn't like X Box or PS2 but likes computer games. Thanks to my location, I am the one who is sitting in shorts while everyone else in the forum is whining about the cold.
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Hey Joe, glad that you're back. We haven't been on a road trip, in some time.
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Hello! Welcome back!
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Thank you, thank you, thank you one and all! I'm floored by all your welcoming greetings. I'll venture out onto the playing field of posting within the next few days, so please be patient with me.

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Do you have any pics to share of your two kitties? They have such interesting names.
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Nice to meet you. You're just across the river from me.
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Hello, there! Thank you both for your welcome wishes. For images of the cats I keep, click here. I had many more images of them via my web camera, but those were all lost in a computing-system crash some months ago. Oh, well.

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Joe your babies are lovely!, love the names for them as well.

And 'The Masters Chair' would go perfect in my office!

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Originally posted by Mr. Cat
Thank you, thank you, thank you one and all! I'm floored by all your welcoming greetings. I'll venture out onto the playing field of posting within the next few days, so please be patient with me.

Hmm...I suppose we should be more patient than our four legged furry friends then huh?

Great to see you back.
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Thank you both for your greetings! It's nice to be back here. Now that I've gotten over the cyber-lag, I'll venture forth and see what's to be seen.

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Joe!!!!! Good to see you here!

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Ghyslaine! Long time, no see! Thanks for welcoming me.

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JOE!!!!! I am THRILLED to see you back here again! I don't know what newsletter you are reffering to, but that was awesome of Deb and Hissy to invite you back!!! We have missed you here!!! I know you and I exchange the occassional e-mail, but it isn't quite the same as having you here with us!
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Hello there, Debby! It's great seeing you, too. Thanks for the warm welcome!

Deb25 and I had exchanged electronic-mail messages, during which communication she pointed out I'd been gone from here too long. The subsequent newsletter mentioned that T-shirt which eltopsis had won then given me; and Fearless Editor hissy included with the reference a nice invitation, for me to return here.

So, yeah, here I am. It'll take a while for me to get up to proper speed, what with this site having grown so much!

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Hey Joe - hi there . . . so good to see ya again. I've never seen pics of your 2 'ladies' but by 'eck are they sweet!!!
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LOL! Fearless Editor huh? Well I've certainly been called worse in my time-

Thanks for showing up Joe, it is lovely to see you here again. Remember the shaving thread? LOL
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Awww, thanks Yola! With all these compliments, the cats are very glad I've returned here.

Hissy, thanks for your gracious welcome! You know, I honestly cannot recall that shaving thread you mentioned; but with enough clues I'd probably remember it. I do recall a few "travel" threads, however!

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Mr. Cat, Glad to see you back, I always enjoyed your sense of humor. With the warm weather, we should be ready for a road trip soon.
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