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Need some vibes for a kitty

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Me and rich were leaving the house and he said "look at cat", so there I go down on my knees in a the drive calling the kitty over, I meowed, it meowed, anyway you get the picture. MUCH to my suprise when I put my hand out and called he started to walk over to me slowly then I reconized him! It is sherberts daddy (that is what we call him, i don't know if he really is the dad, just looked like sherbert). This cat NEVER comes up to me, he always runs way. So I stay very still with my hand out and he keeps inching forward and then he turned because rich made a noise and I saw a ton of dried blood on the poor babies neck! He won't let me touch him, he is meowing okay, rich went in and got him some catmilk and food and he ate and drank. I know he belongs to someone, or at least he used to.

I'm really worried about him. If you can send some heal quick vibes to the little guy it would mean alot of us. Hopefully he does have owners that will get him to the vet. If he keeps hanging around and the cut isn't cleaned up I'll have to take him in. He is a big ol' tom cat, he has an amazing face. Here is an old pic of him.
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Val, I'm sending mega healing & good vibes his way!

Poor lil baby...hope he's ok! Bless you guys are all that you do for those animals! You're both angels!!!
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Lots of healing vibes to "Sherbert's daddy". He is a beautiful cat! I hope he'll be okay! Bless you for caring!
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What a gorgeous kitty! Sending lots of healing vibes to him!!! Thanks for helping him.
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Healing vibes going out to kitty!!
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He is a very pretty boy .

I will say a prayer for him
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He's a very pretty cat, and I really hope he does have owners who care about him.

Sending positive healing vibes!
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Tons of healing vibes will be going from me and the kids to this little guy. Keep us updated on his welfare please Val.
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Aww poor guy. Hope he feels better soon!
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He's a handsome fellow. Hope he gets better soon.
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I hope that he gets better soon! And that his owners find him.
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OOOOOOOO, he's a beaut! Hoping that he and his humans find each other soon, or at least that he gets that wound tended. Lotsa vibes coming his way...
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Awww sending stacks of healing vibes. He's gorgeous
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What a cute cat...good pic!!! Sending healing vibes his way....hopefully his owners are looking for him....
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Sending healing vibes - hope he's okay!
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