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A Message from Sasha Kitty

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Hi this is Sasha. I am a one year old Bengal kitty. I love my new toy that mommy bought me at Walmart. She calls it a puzzle but to me it lots of little toys spread all over the table for me to knock around and play with. There are 1,000 toys in ONE box! If your person doesn't have one of these puzzle things, you should purr really loud and get them to buy you one!!
Now as soon as mommy figures out her new camera she can post the pictures of me playing.

Bye bye!
Sasha Kitty
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JC here. That sounds like fun! I think I might have to wait a week before I ask for such a fun game. Right now mommy and daddy have set up an "income tax statement" game for me - all sorts of stacks of papers on the desk for me to lie on, push off the desk, or chase. I think they're getting tired of it, so maybe they'll go to Wal-Mart and get those little pieces you're talking about.
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Zoey says...

Hi Sasha kitty.. can I come play with your puzzle? Saki is too hyper for me and wears me out. I could go for a nice relaxing evening of knocking puzzle pieces off the table with you.
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Sure Zoey come right over. The best part of the game is sitting on top of all the pieces. You can play that part of it while I chase the ones that fall to the ground.

JC, I had that tax game last year too! That was the best game. Maybe mommy will set it up again for me this year too i love the part where all the papers go flying off of the desk.
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Sasha kitty how bout I knock the pieces off the table and you can chase them? But I dont want to let Saki play because he will take the pieces in his mouth and run away.
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Coco Maui posted:
JC, I had that tax game last year too! That was the best game. Maybe mommy will set it up again for me this year too i love the part where all the papers go flying off of the desk.

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Ok we won't let Saki come over and play this time. He can come over when we play "take the Trivial Pursuit pieces and hide them", he would be good at that game
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Hello all Patches here.... Can I come and play puzzle with You all too? I am sooo mad at my meowmy. Cause she scared my Aunky Ria while she was washing her clothes out in the hallway. So when she came home from work, I glared at her and I will keep glaring at her. Until she gives me scritchies maybe.
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Sure you can come play. Maybe when you get home you can make up with your mommy and she will buy you a puzzle of your own to play with
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Here is my favorite picture of me playing "Puzzle".

Mommy FINALLY got her camera working
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Patches here..... Sasha, You are one handsome kitty. Too bad my meowmy got me fixed.
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Thanks patches, I am fixed too but we could snuggle

Here is a picture of me in action:
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Hey! Sasha Kitty, this is Kjartan. That looks like soo much fun. Daddy won't buy me one of those puzzles (ED: Why tempt fate?), but he lets me play this cool game called homework. I think homework is kind of like "Tax Time" even though "Tax Time" only gets played once a year. I even get to play homework with his roomate. Aren't flying papers fun?
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Hey Kjartan! Homework sounds like a fun game too. I have never played that game. Maybe I can come over and learn how to play it sometime. I am really good a "tax time" so I would probably do good at the homework game too!

Ya the whole 'puzzle game' sometimes makes mommy yell at me. I think she is just "rooting" me on so I just keep playing it as long as she cheers for me
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Hi Sasha! Too bad we live so far away that we can't join the fun! Our mommy doesn't get mad at us when we play with stuff she leaves on tables. Skinny though has the bad tendency to knock over cellphones, calculators, utensils or anything with silver on it so because of her we get to play with boring stuff made of paper.Mommy makes sure of that!
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LOL! I love the photos of Sasha!!
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sasha your puzzle game looks fun i like to knock little toys like that on the floor and chase them too can i play?

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Rosie here. There just the sort of things i love to play on the stairs with!!, i want one!!!!!!!
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Hi guys! This is Ares. I have to say that that puzzle business sounds like fun...I think I'll ask my mommy to get one of those. I know another really fun game. You should get your mommies to play the cross-stitch game! I have so much fun pouncing on the fabric and trying to eat the floss! And then my mommy picks me up and moves me away and I get to do it all over again from another direction. It's so much fun!
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It's Menchi here. I'm the new kitty in the house. Russell and Esper know the rules and bo-oring. Since I'm the baby, I have the licence to break them. My mummy has the funniest work roster while daddy has a constant one but mummy always seems to know that it's always me that did something. Not even my cute kitten face can save me. I guess it's hard when you're caught in the act.

But I found a fun game today while mummy was trying to study. You see, she has piles of papers and books all over the house. I'm sure they all mean something to her but to me they're wonderful toys. I love it when the paper does flying everywhere. They're like butterflies fluttering and I try catching them all and more paper fly. I would have done it for hours but Russell tattle taled on me.

Mummy wasn't pleased. She kept muttering something about a final semester and graduation next year. And how she was preparing for it and how it would be really hard in the final semester. You don't think she's pregnant do you? I don't think I could handle another baby in the household.
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Salem here. My mostest fun game is playing bills. I love to tear them apart and scatter them all over the house. My mom says she doesn't think they'll believe her when she says the cat ate my bill.
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ha ha ha you kitties are too funny! You have given me the best ideas for more games to play once this Puzzle game gets boring. Its starting to kinda cause mommy got this stuff that makes the puzzle pieces stick together once she attaches them together-Boring!!!

Crosstich and bills sounds like fun. Rosie, maybe i can come over and learn the stairs game with you. I don't have stairs in my new house. I used to but ever since we moved they disappeared. I used to play the mouse game on the stairs. I even think the mouse game was allowed my mommy. She threw it to me on the stairs and everything. Now I just have to chase it in a straight line.

Sasha Kitty
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Sasha, you can come and play on my stairs anytime!.

I play on them for hours, especially when i bite the heads off mums flowers!!
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OH boy Oh Boy oH boy! I found a new game last night! Mommy put an uncovered litter box out beside my covered one! I played all night in it while she was sleeping. I kicked just about all of the litter out of it then I ran back anf forth in the dining room and got litter all over the room! Now THAT was a fun game!!! I have a picture of it but I think is a little too graphic to show ya'll cause I had to "go" if you know what I mean
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Hello fellow felines. Belle here.

I think you children need to learn some manners. I am a sophisticated, well mannered young lady and I am appauled by this conversation. What well-bred cat plays silly games like this? It's obsurd.

Ahhh hemmmm... Don't mind my sister Belle, she's a snob. Hey guys it's Scott Farcus. I'm here to tell you about my games. Since the brat Belle won't play with me, I pull pranks on mom and dad. First of all, Dad is blind without his glasses, so every night after they go to sleep, I steal dad's glasses and hide them. It's a blast watching him walk around in the morning like a zombie with his hands stretched out, trying to find them. I try not to let him hear me laugh, but it's hard to keep it in. Now, mom likes to drink water before bed. She's not the brightest star in the sky, because every night, I take her glass of water and knock it over onto the floor. Then I run like a bat out of He!! while she chases me around laughing.

I also like to hide around corners and jump out and attack them as they walk by. It scares the crap out of them!!! You gotta try it sometime.
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You don't sound like much fun to me! If you came over to my house I would jump on you and scare you while you try to take a cat nap You and Sterling kitty would make a good couple. He is a snob too! LOL!!!

Scott Farcus,
Me and you could be best friends if you came to live at my house. I could teach you the puzzle and litter pan throwing games. I don't like to play the water game though, I get in lots of trouble if I get on the table and counters! Those places are what is called "off limits" around here But that's ok, we could play it in the middle of the night when mommy is asleep, she will never know
Hide and seek with people is fun. It's especially fun with other cats! Coco kitty gets mad at me and chases me when I scare her.
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Here is a picture of me hiding around the corner waiting to scare Coco kitty!
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That puzzle game sure sounds like fun! I also like to play the cross-stitch game. I like to bat at the floss as Mommy's sewing. Great fun!

It's also fun to walk in front of Mommy and Daddy in the dark. I think they really enjoy tripping over me, too!

-- Lily

Oh, yes the cross-stitch game is fun. I like to add my little twist to it - once when Mommy left one afternoon, she left the chart to the cross-stitch on the floor. So I thought it would be funny if I chewed on it! Mommy wasn't quite so amused. She was muttering something about being the only one who could legitimately say "My cat ate my homework."

-- Princess
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I lay down on the floor in front of my people. Sometimes they pet me but sometimes they don't see me and have to jump over me as they put thier foot down-It's great!

Ha ha ha does homework taste good? I am feeling hungry so I might have some of that for lunch today

Here is a pic of me and Berkley Kitty. We are planning our next game to play. Berkley is fun, she plays games with me all the time. She even taught me games when I was little. I think she is my kitty mommy!
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'When you play Puzzle...don't forget to "Stop and Smell the Roses"

-Sasha Kitty
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