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strange behavior

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I am worried about my cat Figaro. He is 5 1/2years old, and has been exhibiting a radical change in his behavior. He used to be an outging, playful cat. He would run and get his play mouse and drop it at your feet to throw and he would then bring it back. He would run out to greet us when we came home and want to be scratched and play. Now over the past month he has changed. At first he would just sit under the coffee table, then he took to hiding under the bedspread, then hiding in a cupboard and now he just sits under our bed. He will only come out when he hears you opening the sliding door to go outside and he will cry and cry to go outside. He is an indoor cat, although I take him out on occasion, in my arms. The moment we come back inside he runs under the bed. He is eating normally and using his litter box as usual. But he is not the happy cat he was 5 weeks ago. I don't know what to do. His eyes are clear and bright and his fur is fine. He did go through about 1 week of having hairballs, maybe 3 a week. But he is fine now. I brush him every day. Any suggestions??
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Hi Christine and welcome!

I think the first thing you need to do is get him to the vet. Sometimes a change in their behavior is the only clue that your cat is developing some medical condition. He may even be clinically depressed (and yes, cats can be treated with Prozac- but only if the vet says they should and in the right amount).

Let us know what the vet says. If she/he gives the medical all-clear than you will need to look into stress related behavior problems.
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Good news - Figaro has gotten much better. Checked with the vet and they advised he was reacting to the changes in weather we that has been happening. I just kept brushing and holding him and he now comes out from under the bed, is starting to play a bit and is not as skittish as he was. He had a bit of dry skin that was causing him discomfort, but with brushing him with a soft brush twice daily and just giving him mor special time and attention, he's almost back to the same kitty!!!
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I'm glad he's better! Keep an eye on him though. Sometimes stress can cause all sorts of minor stuff like earmites or ringworm to break out.
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