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Delicate Jewelry Repair?

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I have a pin that I love. My grandmother gave it to me for Christmas a couple years ago. Actually, it was one of the last presents I'll get from her since she and Grandpa just can't get out and go shopping like they used to, and decided it wasn't worth the "pressure" they put on themselves to buy something for everyone in the family. So you can see, it has a lot of sentimental value as well as being beautiful.

It is a real maple leaf dipped in 24 carat gold and then attached to a pin so it can be worn. Very beautiful. But, my problem is that I forgot myself when I was wearing it and reached across my body. Now there is a "tear" along the main vein of the leaf and I can't wear it right now for fear I will break it in half.

Anyone have suggestions of how I might be able to repair it? Would I have to take it to a jeweler, and would they even be able to fix it??
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I would ask around and get it repaired by a professional. The asking around is to find out who is artistic enough to handle this repair. I had a bracelet repaired without checking out the jeweler and I am really disappointed in how it turned out.

I'd say look for a jewelry designer, or a store who has a designer in-house.
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Do you know who made it? Maybe if it isn't a large company they may be able to tell you who to take it to, or they may even know how to fix it? I hope you find someone that can do it correctly, it sounds beautiful!
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It's possible that it can be electronically or ultrasonicly welded and then replated with gold. However if this is a collector's item, it may devalue it.

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Heidi, you need to talk to a professional about this one.

Get as many opinions as you can before you go ahead and get the repairs done.

Also, provide any photos of the pin before it broke. That is, if you have any. These can help the jeweller immensely. Or be prepared to sit down as they draw out your description of the leaf.
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