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Hey guys, just a quick note to remind everyone of our forum guidelines and explain about a tweak in policy.


The "One thread per cat" rule


We ask members to keep discussions in the Pregnant Cats & Kittens forum to one thread per cat/litter. That means that if your cat is pregnant, we prefer to keep all questions and updates on that cat and her pregnancy to one thread.




Because we have a dedicated group here of site members (team members and others) who find it much easier to help if you keep all of the information in one thread. Also, multiple threads can soon flood the forum and make it impossible to keep track of everyone's cats and their issues.


What happens if the same cat gets pregnant again? Well, you could start a new thread about that but honestly, please don't get to that point and have your cat spayed in time. Your problem would not be with threads but with having another pregnancy and litter to care for and the fact that you added more kittens to the cat overpopulation crisis. 


What if you forget and accidentally start another thread?

Someone is likely to report the new thread (or you could do that yourself) and a moderator will merge it into your existing/old thread. Please try to save the moderators work (they are all volunteers here) and just keep posting to your original thread instead.


Any exceptions?

Ok, so I said there's a tweak to the policies. We've decided that in some cases, at the moderators' discretion, we may keep a thread separate for one or more of the following reasons - 


1. It's an emergency and we think a separate thread will get faster responses (in which case the thread may eventually be merged into the original  thread but not right away).


2. We think it's a topic that would get better exposure in the search engines if left in its own thread. That can happen with topics that aren't frequently covered in threads or if we feel the content in the thread is best served to new visitors on its own (and not in the context of the original thread).


As always, the decisions are made by the moderators as a group. If you're unhappy with any of the decisions, just PM a moderator or myself and let us know why.