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My cat is in love with a flashlight (really)

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So, how's this for weird?

Lexington (a.k.a. "Kiddan") has fallen in love with one of those industrial-sized rubber/plastic flashlights we have. Literally.

I have no idea if it's how it smells, but he sits in front of the flashlight, rests his head against it; pays lots of attention to it. He's not just playing...he seems to adore it. If I didn't know better, I'd think it was infused with catnip.

What a whack-job that cat is.

I left the flashlight by the door last night. I come out this morning and he's curled up with it, gently resting his head against the rubberized face.

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LOL! Cats are just so strange sometimes! For several months, when Lazlo and Sheldon first came in as kittens, the LOVED sleeping on paper! We had all these cozy beds, sheepskins, etc. for them - and they sought out paper (maybe it felt like leaves?). Go figure.

Tuxedo sits then sleeps on anything left on the floor. Gary's hat. A magazine. A boot. Our shoes. An overnight bag. If we set something down, it's like a magnet for him!

BTW - have you experimented with the flashlight by cleaning the handle? (Or do you not want to disappoint Kiddan if it is a scent on the handle?)
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I haven't had the heart to break them up. It must be the smell. It's like he's sniffing glue.

Our cats do the same thing with paper - in fact - have some of those "full spectrum" light bulbs and Kiddan insists on basking under it on the kitchen table as though he's sunning himself on a beach in Monte Carlo.

If I've set a receipt, piece of mail, etc..., down on it (ANY paper), his a$$ is there faster than greased lightning.
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I haven't had the heart to break them up. It must be the smell. It's like he's sniffing glue.
Haven't had an experience like that - none of our cats are addicts to anything (yet!)
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How cute is that??
My cats love those laser pointers, but with me using them!
That is simply adorable!!!!----persia
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When Doku was in heat she tried mating with a chair....but she loves when we turn the flashlight on, now she sits and stares at the ceiling until her "friend" comes out to play!
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That's funny! My cat has a thing for shoes. He loves to play with the shoelaces if there is a show in the floor, then he curls up around it and gives it a big bear hug with all four paws. He will just lay there and hug the shoe and sometimes goes to sleep on it. I don't know why - I hope its not the smell! lol
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Well, here are the lovebirds now....

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That's amazing! I don't think I've ever experienced something like that with my kitties! I know they have favorite toys but once those are all shredded or old they forget them.
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AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! When I saw ur thread, I was HOPING there'd be some new pics and u granted me my wish! Grin! Kiddan look sooo cute with that flashlight!

Buddy is obsessed with anything leather and will rub himself all over leather things so I have to warn some of my friends who tend to wear leather boots to either NOT wear them in my apt OR put up with Budy being errrrrr FRIENDLY!!

Buddy is also OBSESSED with a piece of string- he'd drag it around with his teeth waiting for me to wave it around for him.
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Awwwwww how cute is he!!!
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Where did you find the picture??? Wait, never mind, it came up in the topic review while I'm writing this, must be something with my browser.

That's too cute, look at the love in those eyes!
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What a beautiful kitty!
I wonder if it's the plastic on the handle? My cat Frantic loves to lick plastic. I learned on the forum that alot of plastics are manufactured with fish oil.

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Think I'm kidding about the affair?

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Scott they are the funniest pics I have seen in ages. In the first photo he looks in love, and the second and third photos he looks stoned! Surely it has to be the smell of the handle or plastic. If you rub your hands on the torch does he rub himself up against your hands too? (Just wondering).

Pamela my furbabies also love string and shoelaces. I will often wake up in bed with a shoelace wrapped around me because one of my girls has decided she wants me to play in the middle of the night and I've been asleep, so she's just left it there for later.

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Originally posted by Scott77777
Well, here are the lovebirds now....

Can we hear a rousing chorus of:

"You.....light up my give me carry light up my life......"

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"You.....light up my life.....
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Just curious here....

Would your cat react in the same way to another flashlight of the same kind?

It seems to me that there could be something in the plastic that could be the cause of the attraction or perhaps the rubber has picked up a scent and stills carries it.

You don't go fishing with that torch now do you?
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No, I don't use it fishing. I think it's just something about the smell of the rubber that he likes, though it has a "rubber" smell to me (nothing fishy to my nose).

Just funny.
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Well it's better than chewing on shoe laces.
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For Loki my Plastic watering bottle which I use for the plants is the cat's meow - much better than catnip or anything else. When I have it in my hands he follows me like a doggie meowing and purring at the same time. If I let him he will rub himself against, marking it with his face, and is literally in kitty heaven.

Must be the pastic because the only thing that was ever in it is water. Go figure.....
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I just keep coming back to look at that adorable picture. I would love to grab up Kiddan and snuggle him for hours!
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Caption this!

Hi, my name is Lexington and I'm in love with a flashlight.....
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Caption this!

If we mate and have kittens, will they have headlights or tail lights?
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