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Pics of Funny Face

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Well, she didn't get one of him sleeping under the tree, but she got one of him sitting there.

Sorry about the quality - the pics are scanned in. And though you can't see him well in this first pic, he sure looks happy in the next two I'm posting.
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Hard to believe this guy was treed by a dog out here in the woods just a few months ago....

Apparently this dog (which is also a rescue - sorry - forgot his name) is Funny's best bud.
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And here's the last pic - Funny hanging with his best cat bud, Buddy. Our friend certainly has that magic touch with animals - looking at these pics it's hard to believe he's an older feral that's only lived inside for a few months. (Has it been THAT long? LOL!)
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BTW - turns out the little guy has allergies! So he's on prednisone now. Our friend says he is super about taking his meds and doesn't fight, struggle or even complain about it! Smart little guy there - knows what's good for him and warmed right up to a loving home.
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Oh Laurie, he's gorgeous!! (And MAN does he look like Samoa!) He sure looks like he's a happy kitty. His Mommy must have that magic feral touch.
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Heidi - you're right! I never noticed it before. I think it's because these pics make him less "funny" looking than he is. "In person," (in cat?) his nose is BRIGHT red, and he's so round-looking that he looks a bit more like a Koala bear with a red nose than a cat. You almost can't help laughing when you look at him. BUT - he does have REALLY thick, plush fur. His mom says he doesn't like being picked up so much any more, but he does enjoy a good pet every now and again, so they get to enjoy his unbelievable coat.
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Those pictures are wonderful!!! I especially like the one with the dog. He sure does look like one happy cat!
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About the dog.... I think Funny must not feel threatened despite having had several bad experiences with dogs out here (that we know of) - because he sure looks BIGGER than his little pal, LOL!

I'm just so pleased!
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I am so happy for him , he looks soooooooo happy
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Funny face(is there a story behind that name, or is that cos of his little red nose? ) He's beautiful and he looks sooooooo happy, thankyou for sharing!
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Sam, for some reason it doesn't really come through in the pics, but he is funny looking! He's got this bright red nose and his face is really round - and, well, you just kind of giggle when you look at him and think "what an odd looking cat!" He's so funny looking, it's cute!
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