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My new sheepskin slippers!

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Luca is so funny! My aunt gave me these lovely new sheepskin slippers. They have the wool on the top and inside and then a type of leather on the outside. They are wonderful! Unfortunately Luca thinks so too!

I came home from work yesterday and could not find them anywhere. I hunted through the house, eventually finding them under the spare bed. Wet from cat spit and looking a little worse for wear. Luca had stolen them from the cupboard and then killed them in the spare room! So I dried them out and put them back on and she kept on trying to sneak up on them for the whole evening! it was so funnY! She is such a funny little cat. They must each weigh almost the same as her...

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Rowdy loves Bill's sheepskin slippers. She sticks her head down in one and pushes it around the room. Then, she beats the daylights out of it. Mine are identical but, she never touches them. Definitely a Daddy's girl.
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Rosie just waits for my feet to come out of my slippers and attacks them!
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How cute! I love anything sheepskin!!
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How cute!

My girls like to chew the wiskers of my black cat slippers I don't wear them very often becuase I usually get chased around the house when I do
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LOL Margaret! That's so funny.

My cats don't do anything with my sheepskin slippers.. they are the nicest aren't they?

The only thing my cats are obsessed with is the window. As soon as I draw the curtains it's like a gravitational pull on them, they have to be there.
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