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A questions.......

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Here is me and my best friend Jenn.

I'm the one dressed as a cat...go figure....

Ok now she is getting married this summer to a great guy (horray) and I'm to be her maid of honor (more horray)

We kind of get to match our skirt with the top for our bride's maid dress.

Here is the skirt.

Here are my choices of tops. Now keep in mind I'm top in I need support

Now she says nothing with sleeves or embrodiey.

Which should I pick...oh and the colour is called Reviera Sky.
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You both look brilliant!!!. I went to a fancy dress a couple of year ago similar to your friend as i also have dark hair.

Bridesmaid top: I thought the sequined boned bodice which was in the middle, the one that is the same colour as the skirt would look fab!!!.

My director at work held a party for his 25th Anniversary last year, and it was an evening dress and black tie occassion. I tried a similar outfit like yours in lilac and it was gorgeous!.

The good thing about those boned bodices are that they fit so snug they really show your fugure off.

I would'nt have said you were top heavy though?, or were you joking?!

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Well since she said nothing with sleeves and no embroidry then I think Style: 6605 or Style: 6602 would be a good choice.

I know what you are going through since I just did this a little over a year ago. It was a hard choice on my wedding dress and then picking bridesmaid dresses. Tell your friend Congrats from me
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Nice photo! Creepyowl - I know you are part of the weight loss support thread - you don't look like you need to lose weight at all, you look gorgeous!

I like the 6602 style. 6605 might make you look more top heavy.
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No embroidery limits the choices. The best ones have it. For plain, though, 6608 or 6601 will do. The chiffon drapery on 6601 is good camouflage. As for support, check the Frederick's catalogue and get their "wedding corset". It's what I wore, with my Tombstone floozy costumes and it is surprisingly comfortable. I still were it, with certain special occasion outfits.
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Yup, my vote is for 6602, the boned corset-y looking one. Very flattering for ladies with ample assets.
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Thanks for the compliments. That picture was taken like 6 years ago when I just came back from college. Back then I was the poster child for starving student. Since then I've been eating comfortabaly and this medication I'm ok kind of added some pounds. Of course I gained most of the weight in my breasts.....

I'm hoping to be that size again or close to it doing weight watchers. I think I was about 150 or 155 in that pic.

Thanks for the suggestions.....
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Well, my computer is giving me fits & won't load the page, but I just wanted to give you a suggestion -

A friend who is also well-endowed uses a long-line bra or corset with clear straps, so she can still have the support of the straps, but they won't show. You can get them at Frederick's, and they even sell them in a package by themselves so you can swap them out for the straps on your bra if you already own a longline.

Have fun!
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Being a bit top havy myslf, I think that style 6408 would support you and flatter your larger top half.
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I like the one with black lace and the little bow! I don't know if she'd want black in her wedding or not.

My second choice would be the 6602 style. My third choice, even though it has a liiittle embroidery is 6503.
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I swear I replied but I don't see it on here, I like style 6408 as well.
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This is the link to the dresses we had for my sister's wedding last March. They were supposed to be strapless, but none of us wanted to go strapless, so my mom and grandma (in law) made them so they had straps. It works fine. One girl who is very large on top just had thicker straps (at her request) than us, but it worked.

I like #6701, it has a little bit of embroidering on it, but you can't really tell unless you're up close. Same for #6503. #6704 has a little bit of beading, which looks nice. If it absolutely can't have embroidery/beading etc, then I'd have to agree with everyone else about the corset type one. Good luck and have fun!'6533'&pageNum=1&M=&UK=31972510
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Personally I'm a big fan of corsets, but I'm not sure how big you are and you need support. Halter tops are good for support, only problem is you may have more cleavage showing then you want for the wedding. I wish I could help more, but myself, I'm small and dont have that problem. Good luck and congratulations on your friend's wedding!
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6602 is my fav, i am also top heavy and i find tops in that style are a bit tighter and push me up more (equaling a nice amount of support)
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I like 6602 also. I'm driving to Toronto to see Jenn tomorrow and we have an appointment at the dress place at 2 so I'll get to see the dressed in real life and have a better idea what will look good on me.

I'm thinking since I'm the maid of honor I should be able to have embrodiery on my top There are a few I like with the embrodiery.
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well, being a bride-to-be myself, i think it's important that the maid of honour stands out from the other girls, for example my wedding colours are ivory, gold and various shades of purple. for the girl's bouquets, the three bridesmaids will have ivory and gold but my maid of honour will have some purple and hers will be a bit bigger. talk to the bride to see what she likes, she might have something very specific in mind
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It's too bad she doesn't like embrodiery (sp?). Some of those are beautiful & look so elegant! My faves are 6605, 6608 & 6802.
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Well I liked 6601 but since you did say you were top heavy, the chiffon may draw attention to your bust rather than camouflage it. But then it does depend how top heavy you are. In the photo, it looks impossible!

I didn't like 6602. Not a fan of boning at all. But I don't see how it could be a problem if you're top heavy.

I liked the look of 6605. It's simple and elegant.

I like 6608 but again for the same reasons as 6601 you may want to avoid it.

Try 6408. I'm top heavy myself and I look smaller in some halter tops.

I'm a bride to be and I've recently been a bridesmaid. I've got some advice to give about the embroidery. You can ignore it if you want to. I hope I don't seem rude in saying it.

Creepyowl, be careful as to how you approach the subject of embroidery with your best friend. It is her wedding and her wishes should be respected. She's relinquished control as to what tops you and the bridesmaids will wear. Be careful about asking for more. Remeber, you're there to help, share in this happy occasion and celebrate, not to add to the stress of the preparations.
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I like 6503. You can wear a bra under the straps of the halter. It has a little embroidery on it, but its not over powering. 6408 is along the same lines.
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I like the spaghetti strap one on the first page!
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OK I went down to see Jenn this past weekend and got my dressed all picked out. I have the a-line skirt pictured above the other girls are wearing more form fitting ones with a little train behind. Here is the top I picked. After trying on a lot, and getting Jenn to try some on since she was the smallest and even most of them didn't fit her.

It looks so nice on my, better then in the picture. She also wants us to wear a shawl, which really makes the dresses look more formal.
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I really like that top....when is your friend getting married? (sorry if you already said that)
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august 7th. Still a bit away, but still not enough time
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Wow! I got married on August 10, 2002. You are NOT too early! I had all my girl's dresses ordered by the end of February! I planned everything within 8 months--pretty hectic--but it sure was fun!!
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